History of local government districts in Middlesex

History of local government districts in Middlesex

The History of local government districts in Middlesex outside the metropolitan area began in 1835 with the formation of poor law unions. This was followed by the creation of various forms of local government body to administer the rapidly growing towns of the area. By 1934 until its abolition in 1965, the entire county was divided into urban districts or municipal boroughs.

Poor law unions

The parishes of the county were grouped under the Poor Law Amendment Act 1834 to form unions. Each union had a single workhouse, and was administered by a board of guardians elected by the parish ratepayers. The boundaries of the unions would later be used to define rural sanitary districts in 1875 and rural districts in 1894. Poor law unions were abolished in 1930 by the Local Government Act 1929.

County Districts 1894–1965

The Local Government Act 1894 divided the administrative county into four rural districts and thirty-one urban districts, based on existing sanitary districts. One urban district, South Hornsey was a detached part of Middlesex within the County of London until 1900, when it was transferred to the latter county.Frederic Youngs, "Guide to the Local Administrative Units of England", Vol.I : Southern England, London, 1979 ] The rural districts were Hendon, South Mimms, Staines and Uxbridge. Because of increasing urbanisation these had all been abolished by 1934.cite vob|name=Middlesex|url=http://www.visionofbritain.org.uk/relationships.jsp?u_id=10061441|accessdate=2008-02-20] Urban districts had been created, merged, and many had gained the status of municipal borough by 1965. The districts as at the 1961 census were:cite vob | name=Census 1961: Middlesex | population=http://www.visionofbritain.org.uk/census/table_page.jsp?tab_id=EW1961COU_M3&u_id=10061441&show=&min_c=1&max_c=5as | accessdate=2008-02-20]


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