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Origin = Westwood, Massachusetts, United States
Genre = Hardcore punk Boston Hardcore
Years_active = 1990–2002
Label = Cherrydisc, Wonderdrug, Ourselves Alone
Associated_acts = Drugwar Superpower Never Got Caught
URL = []
Current_members =
Past_members = Dave Conely Brian Hinkley Scott Jacobson Billy Hinkley Mike Mancuso (briefly)
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TREE was a Boston hardcore punk band formed in the summer of 1990. They were active in the Boston music scene until disbanding in 2002.


TREE was notorious for their rowdy live performances, which sometimes resulted in the band being banned from playing further shows at certain venues. In the early '90s shows with local heroes like Sam Black Church peaked the interest of Cherrydisc Records and the label released their first three full length albums. [1] Departing from Cherrydisc due to contract disputes, TREE created their own record label Ourselves Alone, and partnered with Wonderdrug Records to release two more full length albums. [2]

TREE has shared the stage with such acts as Clutch, Sheer Terror, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, XCops, Fear, Godsmack and Staind. [3] [4]

TREE has performed at a variety of events including the Boston Freedom Rally, Skate 98, Lollapalooza, the River Rave, Localbazooka, and the Van's Warped Tour. Over the years, TREE has had their music used on Fox Sports Net, MTV’s "Senseless Acts Of Video", MTV’s "Real World", MTV’s "Road Rules", and various independent films of national release. In 2000 TREE won the Boston Music Award for "Best Hardcore/Metal Band", The Boston Phoenix Reader’s Poll for "Best Extreme Act" [5] and the award for "Best Rally Band" from High Times Magazine.


#A Lot to Fear (1993)
#Plant a Tree or Die (1994)
#Downsizing the American Dream (1996)
#Radio Bootleg for the Restless Masses (1998)
#Our Day will Come (1999)
#No Regrets No Remorse (2001)

New Projects

Since disbanding former members of TREE have started new bands. Dave TREE was the vocalist of Drugwar in the early 2000s and more recently is the frontman of the hardcore punk band Superpower. [6] The Hinkely brothers have since formed the rock band Never Got Caught, sometimes performing live with Clutch bass player Dan Maines.









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