Synod of the Northeast

Synod of the Northeast

Synod of the Northeast is an upper judicatory of the Presbyterian Church (USA) based in Stony Point, New York. The synod oversees twenty-two presbyteries in six New England states (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut), two of the three Mid-Atlantic States (New Jersey and New York), plus an overseas presbytery in the Republic of Korea.


The Synod of the Northeast was founded in May 1973 [ [ Monmouth Presbytery's By-Laws, Chapter I] ] , when the General Assembly decided to reorganize its synods on a regional basis. The merger included the following state synods:
* The Synod of New Jersey was established in 1824, when the Presbytery of Jersey was divided into the presbyteries of Newark and Elizabeth Town. [ [ Presbytery of Newark history] ]
* The Synod of New York

Presbyteries of the Synod of the Northeast

There are 22 presbyteries in the synod:
* [ Albany]
* [ Boston]
* [ Cayuga-Syracuse]
* Eastern Korean
* [ Elizabeth]
* [ Genesee Valley]
* [ Geneva]
* [ Hudson River]
* [ Long Island]
* [ Monmouth]
* [ New Brunswick]
* [ New York City]
* [ Newark]
* [ Newton]
* [ Northern New England]
* [ Northern New York]
* [ The Palisades]
* [ Southern New England]
* [ Susquehanna Valley]
* [ Utica]
* [ West Jersey]
* [ Western New York]

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* [ Synod website]
* [ Map of synod]


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