Amori, Greece

Amori, Greece

Amori (Greek, Modern: Αμόρι, Ancient/Katharevousa: -on), older form Amorio and Amorion, is a town located in eastern part of prefecture of Evros and is part of the municipality of Orfea. Turkey is located on the other side of the Evros. Lavara is linked with GR-51/E85 (Alexandroupoli - Orestiada - Svilengrad/Edirne)/ Amorio is located SE of Svilengrad, Bulgaria, S of Edirne, W of Uzunköprü, NW of Ipsala and Kesan in Turkey, and N of Soufli, ENE of Alexandroupoli, and NE of Didymoteicho.

Nearest places

*Lavara, southwest
*Mandra, northeast


**Longitude: 26.44 (26°26'24") E
**Latitude: 41.297 (41°17'41") N
*Postal code: 680 04
*Elevation: 30 m
*Dialing code: +11+30-25530 (030-25530)

The hills are situated to the north. Farmlands surround the area are to the central and the southern part and along the Evros valley. The forests near the Evros lies to the southeast. Insects in the area includes the Acrididae "Acrida ungarica", the Tettigoniidae "Poecilimon thoracicus" (Fieber, 1853) and "Poecilimon zwicki".

Historical population


Amorio has a school, a lyceum, churches, a train station (Pythio - Orestiada - Edirne) and (north to Orestiada) and a square ("plateia").


The Balkan Wars of 1912 and 1913 reverted to Bulgaria. In the earliest part of the early-1920s, it became a part of Greece and the village became Amori, refugees east of the Evros moved into Amori and settled during the Asia Minor Catastrophe. After World War II and the Greek Civil War, its buildings were rebuilt. On February 16, 2005, the flooding of the Evros began as water levels went as high as about 4 m above ground, that's 10 cm above the embankment level which is danger to its residents. The flow came after Kastanies. Amorio was flooded. Three days later, the water level was at about 4,6 m. Another flood which began from March 4, 2005 flooded several places again. Several other buildings, roads, farmlands and properties were flooded. Residents were stranded and some had been evacuated. The third flood of the year affected. Buildings and squares yet again were flooded. The government funded money to help victims and buildings of the Evros flooding. Dikes around Amorio were also blown up. The only unaffected areas were in the northern part of Amorio. The waters flowed at 1,000 l³ per second. The Evros flooding were the worst flooding in 50 years.

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*List of settlements in the Evros prefecture

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