Adrifen PCF

Adrifen PCF

Adrifen PCF is a sleep-enhancing vitamin available only in the Philippines, although it is available illegally in some areas in and around California, Oregon, and Nevada. Its main purpose is to make sleep more fulfilling and dreams more memorable, and induce lucid dreaming.

United States Illegality

Adrifen PCF was unlegalized in the United States in 1998, after it was found to have drug-like, mind altering properties. Although it was unlegalized in the US, as not to disrupt trade agreements with the Philippines, it is still relatively easy to obtain.

Notable Cases and Controversy

In 1997, there were two cases of Adrifen PCF related deaths, in Connecticut and Maine, respectively. The first case was dropped due to outside sources of arterial damage, and the second case was settled for $300,000. Lawyer for the second plaintiff, Arthur Bennett, went on the record as calling Adrifen PCF a "death drug".


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