Michael Bishop (academic)

Michael Bishop (academic)

Dr. Michael Bishop is a university professor affiliated with the Contemporary Studies Programme (CSP) at the University of King's College in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His work focuses on French contemporary artists and poets as well as French women's poetry. He is the Emeritus McCulloch Professor of French at Dalhousie University.

He is also the Director of Editions VVV Editions, a small publication house located in Halifax Nova Scotia.


*B.A. Hons: Victoria University of Manchester, England
*M.A.: University of Manitoba, Canada
*Ph.D.: University of Kent at Canterbury, England

Selection of Principal Publications

* "Jungle (non-lieu)/Jungle (unspace)", Halifax, Editions VVV Editions, 2005. Previously unpublished collection by Gérard Titus-Carmel, with translation. 85 pages.

*"The Endless Theory of Days. The Art and Poetry of Gérard Titus-Carmel." New York/Amsterdam: CHIASMA, Rodopi, 2006, 170 pages.

*"Pierre Reverdy: A Bibliography", London: Grant and Cutler, 1976. 88 pages.

* "L'Horizon / The Horizon", Halifax: Editions VVV Editions, 2003. Previously unpublished prose text by Yves Bonnefoy, with translation. 28 pages.

* "The Language of Poetry: Crisis and Solution", ed., Amsterdam: Rodopi, 1980. 12 essays edited, critical introduction and notes. 268 pages.
* "The Contemporary Poetry of France. Eight Studies", Amsterdam: Rodopi, 1985. Eight critical studies. 135 pages.
* "La Poésie québécoise depuis 1975", ed. with Eva Kushner, Halifax: Dalhousie French Studies, 1985. 40 essays and inédits edited. 201 pages.
* "Michel Deguy", Amsterdam/Atlanta, USA: Rodopi, 1988. Critical monograph. 84 pages.
* "René Char. Les Dernières Années", Amsterdam/Atlanta, USA:Rodopi, 1990. Critical monograph. 110 pages.
* "Simone de Beauvoir et les féminismes contemporains", ed., with Nicole Trèves, Halifax: Dalhousie French Studies, 1990. 30 essays and inédits edited. 138 pages.
* "De Duras et Robbe-Grillet à Cixous et Deguy", ed., Halifax: Dalhousie French Studies, 1990. 15 essays edited. 140 pages.
* "Nineteenth-Century French Poetry", New York: Twayne, Twayne's Critical History of Poetry Series, 1993. Ten critical studies: Desbordes-Valmore, Lamartine, Vigny, Baudelaire, Hugo, Mallarmé, Verlaine, Rimbaud, Lautréamont, Laforgue. 367 pages.
* "Contemporary French Women's Poetry. Vol. I. From Chedid and Dohollau to Tellermann and Bancquart." Atlanta/Amsterdam: CHIASMA, Edns Rodopi. 1995. Eight critical studies. 157 pages.
* "Art and Contemporary Prose", ed., Halifax: Dalhousie French Studies. 1995. 125 pages.
* "Contemporary French Women's Poetry. Vol. II. From Hyvrard and Baude to Etienne and Albiach." Atlanta/Amsterdam: CHIASMA, Edns Rodopi. 1995. Eight critical studies. 175 pages.
* "Women's Poetry in France, 1960-1995: A Bilingual Anthology", Wake Forest University Press. 1997. Anthology, translations, critical paraphernalia. 392 pages.
* "Thirty Voices in the Feminine", ed., Faux Titre, Atlanta/Amsterdam: Edns Rodopi, 1996. 30 essays edited with critical introduction. 300 pages.
* "The French Shakespeare: His Language", ed. with Rostislav Kocourek and Lise Lapierre, Dalhousie University: Actes de Langue française et de Linguistique (ALFA), 1998. 334 pages.
* "Cold Water Shielded, Newcastle: Bloodaxe Books", 1999. Bilingual edition of selection of work of Salah Stétié: translations and critical introduction. 220 pages.
* "Six Hands Amongst the Clouds, Ottawa: Lyric Editions", 2000. Translations of poems by Yves Leclair, watercolours by Chan Ky-yut.
* "Jacques Prévert : From Film and Theatre to Poetry, Art and Song", New York/Amsterdam: CHIASMA, Rodopi, 2002. 170 pages.

* "French Prose in 2000", ed. with C. Elson, New York/Amsterdam: Rodopi Faux Titre. 272 pages. 25 essays on very recent prose production.
* "Contemporary French Poetics", ed. with C. Elson, Atlanta/Amsterdam: Rodopi Faux Titre. 215 pages. 2002. 20 essays on work of last 10 years or so.
* "Altérités d'André du Bouchet", de Hugo, Shakespeare et Poussin à Celan, Mandelstam et Giacometti, New York/Amsterdam: Rodopi, CMRLFC, 2003. 150 pages.
* "Yves Bonnefoy aujourd'hui", ed., with Christopher Elson, special issue of Dalhousie French Studies (60, 2002). 129 pages.

* In the Lure of Language", Halifax: Editions VVV Editions, 2003. Translation of Yves Bonnefoy's Dans le leurre des mots. 27 pages.
* "L'art français et francophone depuis 1980 / Contemporary French and Francophone Art", ed., with Christopher Elson, New York/Amsterdam: Rodopi Faux Titre, 2005. 275 pages.
* "Nomadic Writings: The art of Fire and Knot-Works", Halifax: Editions VVV Editions, 2005. Translation of Christian Jaccard's Ecrits nomades 1989-2000. 60 pages.
* "Une variante de la sortie du jardin, suivi de Bouche bée / A Variant on Leaving the Garden, with Amazed." Halifax: Editions VVV Editions, 2006. Previously unpublished texts by Yves Bonnefoy, with translation, 60 pages.
* "Passant, veux-tu savoir? précédé de Ales Stenar. Halifax: Editions VVV Editions, 2006. Partly previously unpublished poems by Yves Bonnefoy, with translation. 60 pages.
* over 150 essays, articles, chapters, prefaces published in France (SUD, EUROPE, CNRS, OBSIDIANE, PO&SIE, FAIRE-PART, etc.), in UK (FORUM FOR MODERN LANGUAGE STUDIES, FRENCH STUDIES, MODERN LANGUAGE REVIEW, CUP, etc.), in USA (WORLD LITERATURE TODAY, FRENCH FORUM, etc.), in Canada, Australia, Holland, Belgium, etc.
* over 350 critical reviews and 12 shorter literary translations.

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* [http://www.rodopi.nl/ Rodopi Publishers]
* [http://www.ukings.ns.ca/ University website]
* [http://www.ukings.ca/kings_3635_3985.html Personal page at King's]
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