Abdul Alhazred (comics)

Abdul Alhazred (comics)

character_name=Abdul Alhazred
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="Marvel Comics Presents" #154 (1994)
creators=Jack Kirby
John Buscema
aliases=The Mad Arab, Death God, Master
powers=mystical and psionic abilities, teleportation, hypnotism, superhuman strength|

Abdul Alhazred (Abd-el-Hazred), also going by the aliases The Mad Arab, Death God, and Master, is a fictional character and supervillain in two of Marvel Comics's universes. Abdul is an enemy of Wolverine and Marvel's adaptation of Tarzan. The character was originally created in 1921 by H. P. Lovecraft for his novel "The Nameless City," and he was next adapted to Marvel in 1978 for their comic version of Tarzan, taking place somewhere other than the mainstream Marvel Universe. When Alhazred finally appeared in mainstream Marvel, he appeared in "Marvel Comics Presents" #154 in 1994. These two comic books were the only ones featuring the character, but Alhazred was mentioned in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe.


Abdul Alhazred was created by H. P. Lovecraft in "The Nameless City," where it is revealed that he is a mad poet from the 8th century, who supposedly wrote a book of evil in Arabic called the "Necronomicon". The mystic energy inscribed into the book makes it fatal to any reader, to Alhazred's pleasure. Lovecraft also stated that the character was intentionally a poetic, Arab traveler who secretly resided powerful amounts of evil inside of him. In Marvel's adaptation of the character, Jack Kirby and John Buscema were hoping to "recreate" the character by adding a twist to Lovecraft's version to make him more of a comic book villain.

Fictional Marvel Character Biography

Alhazred's origins are unknown, but it has been discovered that he was first the leader of a small band of slaves in the desert. Starting to rebel due to his cruel force over the group, the slaves fought the powerful ruler but were defeated. However, the Arab was wounded, and, because of only a small bit of self-reliance, the group abandoned their leader and left him to die in the middle of the Sahara. Soon he stumbled upon a mystic rock, and soon became trapped inside a tiny dimensional realm in subterranean Earth, where he died, though Alhazred's soul later blended with another being, a reptilian species in that same realm. Later on, his soul escaped from the creature and managed to escape the rock, bonding to a nearby host who gained all of his former traits (not counting his appearance). Alhazred soon gained control over a new group of slaves whom he forced to take an entrance through a large but dark cave, and into the dimension (Alhazred had destroyed the rock by throwing it at the back of a cave, which opened a portal to the realm) to gather a valuable crystal found only in the realm. One of the slaves grew afraid and ran back out the entrance, and he was slaughtered by Alhazred. Tarzan had meanwhile spotted this. He ran to fight the menace and avenge the slave, but could not. Later on in that day, Alhazred captured an African princess to serve as a sacrifice into the portal. Seeing this, Tarzan gathered up a band of criminals hoping to stop this madness, but they were all captured by the Arab. As the group journeyed into the cave, Tarzan and the princess secretly escaped, but the rest of the criminals eagerly accompanied Alhazred. When the princess was not to be found when the sacrificial ceremony was held, the group went out looking for the two. Tarzan and the princess were already long gone across the sea. Alhazred summoned all of his magical traveling abilities, and soon he was able to track down his prey. The group traveled over the Atlantic Ocean and battled pirates. After the end of the voyage, the exhausted group journeyed to the jungle of Mahar, but they were too late. Tarzan and the princess had already arrived to surprisingly find a crystal very similar to the one in Alhazred's dimension. When Alhazred and his group were spotted, Tarzan and the princess to revenge on the ruler, and even the criminals suddenly turned on him. It was then that a battle was fought. While Tarzan battled the Arab, the princess tried to find a way to seize the crystal, but she was killed by a mad slave prisoner. While the battle went on against Alhazred, the Mad Arab finally had enough and quickly created a stampede of dinosaurs from mystical energy. After this trick had seemingly not harmed Tarzan, Alhazred decided to make him the sacrifice. The crystal was meanwhile losing energy, and it needed more to be stable. The crystal quickly then drained all energy from the powerful Arab, and the man crumbled into ashes.

Regular Marvel Universe

In the regular Marvel Universe, Alhazred first wanted control of the Taj Mahal in India, which was said to hold uncontainable riches and sorceric energies, and this would make him all-powerful. Gathering up a large band of super villain criminals, Alhazred attacked the building but their plans were foiled when Wolverine arrived and killed all criminals except for Alhazred (whom he was no match for). The Arab was sent to a special prison, but he escaped soon and wanted revenge on the X-Man. The two fought again for a second time, just the two of them alone inside the Taj Mahal, which Alhazred had managed to infiltrate. Ending the battle, Wolverine was flung off a balcony and disapeared. The villain seized control over the palace, but first summoned two powerful demons to go and kill the mutant. When later Wolverine arrived at the palace alive, Alhazred put the tired killer in his mystical prison, where escaping was immposible. Soon, the X-Men arrived at the scene, only to save Logan and defeat the Arab, banishing him to a realm in which his demons came from, where he could not return to Earth.

Powers and abilities

Abdul Alhazred has an endless number of mystical, magical, and psionic abilities. He can teleport (usually by appearing in a cloud of smoke, similar to the ability of Nightcrawler), powerfully hypnotize others, and possesses massive strength and durability. Can summon demons of uncanny abilities which will attack either physically or mentally, and vary greatly in powers and appearances. Alhazred also has the natural ability to forcefully use fear and intimidation to control his servants. In addition, the Arab's skin is impervious to bullets.

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