Tri-state area

Tri-state area

There are a number of places in the 48 contiguous United States known as tri-state areas where three states or holdings meet at one point (a tripoint), or in proximity to each other. The two most well-known are for the New York and Chicago metropolitan areas.

The Tri-State Region around New York City is where New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut meet. There is no tripoint, however, as Connecticut does not touch New Jersey. Chicago's tri-state region includes Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin and is commonly referred to as Chicagoland. This tri-state region also does not have a tripoint since Indiana does not touch Wisconsin.

Other large metropolitan areas with a tri-state area include Cincinnati, Memphis, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

The "Joplin District" Lead-Zinc Mining region of Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri produced mineral specimens famous throughout the world as "Tri-State" minerals.

Land tripoints

Of the 62 points where three states join, there are 38 tripoints with markers on land in the United States. [cite web |url= |title=Tri State Corners in the United States|publisher=Jack Parsell] They are:

Other Tripoints

*There are 18 tripoints between 1 US state and 2 Canadian provinces or 2 US states and 1 Canadian province.

*There are 8 tripoints between 1 US state and 2 Mexican states or 2 US states and 1 Mexican state.


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