A result is the final consequence of a sequence of actions or events (broadly incidents and accidents) expressed qualitatively or quantitatively, being a loss, injury, disadvantage, advantage, gain, victory or simply a value. There may be a range of possible outcomes associated with an event possibly depending on the point of view, historical distance or relevance.

Reaching no result proves that actions are inefficient, ineffective, meaningless or flawed.

* in general any kind of research, action or phenomenon can lead to one or more results.
* in games (e.g. cricket, lotteries) or wars the result describes the victorious party and possibly effects on the environment.
* in mathematics: the final value of a calculation (e.g. arithmetic operation), function or statistical expression
* statistics uses polls, tests and logs to analyze, extract and interpolate information.
* in computer sciences: the return value of a function, state of a system or list of records matching a query (e.g. web search). The result type is the data type of the data returned by a function.
* in science: the outcome of an experiment
* in forensics and justice: the proof of guilt or innocence of a suspect after evaluating evidence in a criminal investigation.
* in economics/accounting: the profit or loss at the end of a fiscal period. (see also: NOR)
* in democracy : the election of a representative or vote on a subject.

Result Properties

As with any other piece of information results have certain properties in absolute terms or in relation to previous results or settings:

impactpositive (+)neutral (0)negative (-)
competitionsuccessstatus quofailure
credibilityconfirmed / verifiedunknowndenied / falsified
sensitivitypublic / openunclassifiedclassified / secret
accuracyaccurate / trueundefined / nullinaccurate / false
relevanceimportantnormalneglectable / meaningless
different meanings result, results, resulted


In many cases the following formula is used:

result = quality * acceptance

A product, service or activity can be delivered with a high (technical) quality, but if the acceptance is small, the end-result is also small.This formula is commonly used to explain junior technical engineers that more needs to be done to reach a (project) target than just implement a good technical solution.The acceptance in the formula is most of the time increased by involving end-users/customers in the specification of the targets and assigning end-user-tests to them.

ee also

* Determinism

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