Leto (disambiguation)

Leto (disambiguation)

Leto is a goddess in Greek mythology.

The name may also refer to:


*Jared Leto, actor/musician (b. 1971), younger brother of Shannon Leto
*Pomponius Leto, humanist (1425-1498)
*Sebastián Leto, Argentinian footballer (b. 1986)
*Shannon Leto, drummer (b. 1970), older brother of Jared Leto.

Places and things

*Leto, Guinea-Bissau, a place in the Oio Region in Guinea-Bissau
*68 Leto, an asteroid


*Leto Atreides I, the fictional Duke from Frank Herbert's "Dune" universe
*Leto Atreides II, the fictional God Emperor from Frank Herbert's "Dune" universe

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