The Trust That Has Burst

The Trust That Has Burst

The Trust That Has Burst ( _ru. Трест, который лопнул) is a Soviet 1982-1983 film (split to a couple of series, total runtime 196 min) based on a stories by O. Henry. Directed by Aleksandr Pavlovsky. Screenplay by Igor Shevtsov


* Regimantas Adomaitis as "Andy Tucker"
* Nikolai Karachentsov as "Jeff Peters"
* Leonid Kuravlyov as "Ezra Plunkett"
* Mikhail Svetin as "Porte Klein"
* Irina Ponarovskaya as "Pseudo Sarah Bernard"
* Vladimir Basov as "Pseudo Morgan"
* Yuri Mazhuga as "Bill Humble"
* Pavel Vinnik as " The owner of the shop"
* Yelena Aminova as "Secretary women"
* Vsevolod Abdulov
* Valeri Bassel
* Tamara Yatsenko as "Widdow Trotter"
* Viktor Andriyenko
* Viktor Ilyichyov as "Ruf Tattum"
* Gennadi Yalovich as "Mailman"
* Boris Novikov as "Artillerist"
* Leonid Anisimov
* [S. Andrukhovich
* N. Andrinya
* B. Astankov
* V. Derkap
* S. Zinchenko
* G. Derevyansky
* I. Giltikov
* G. Butrov
* A. Yankov
* Oleg Fedulov as "Drunk man" (uncredited)

Songs in the film

Composer - Maksim Dunayevsky

Lyrics by Naum Olev (1-3 parts), Leonid Filatov (1st part)

* «Three whales»
* «Where a surplus value to one..»
* «Bacchanalia of passion»
* «There's a superpassion..»
* «The ball of Earth is tired to revolve» (instrumental)
* «The ball of Earth..»
* «Love is an axis of the Earth to revolve..»
* «We together will live well..»
* «Revenge, revenge, revenge!!!»
* «Remove the handcuffs, Sheriff..»

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