James Alderman

James Alderman

James Horace Alderman (in some sources Aldermon) (died August 17, 1929) was a alcohol smuggler during the prohibition era in the United States, called the "King of the Rum Runners". He was executed by the federal government for killing on a high seas of U.S. Coastguardsmen Sidney Sanderlin, Victor A. Lamby and Robert K. Webster, a Secret Service agent off southeast Florida, near Fort Lauderdale.

Crime took place August 7, 1927. He was tried by under Sections 272, 273, 275 of the U. S. Criminal Code. In January, 1928 he was sentenced to death by U. S. District Judge Henry D. Clayton. President Herbert Hoover declined clemency.

His hanging was initially schedulded to be carried out in Broward County jail, but the County Commissioners declined, insisted a U. S. hanging should occur on U. S. property (from 1924 all executions by the state of Florida were carried out by electric chair). Finally Alderman was executed on newly erected gallows in a metal hangar of the U. S. Coast Guard station near Fort Lauderdale. Media witnesses were barred from watching execution.

Despite Florida's protest in this case, David Joseph Watson was later executed for the federal government in state-owned Raiford Prison by the means of electrocution] .


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