Jat/Kumhar Clan: Malhi
Distribution Punjab (Pakistan) and Punjab (India)
Religion Islam and Sikhism
Languages Punjabi
Surnames: Malhi

The Malhi is a Jat gotra/Kumhar clan from the North Indian state of Punjab and Pakistani Punjab,Earlier based in the region around Sialkot (now in West Punjab, Pakistan), the Malhis were often wealthy landlords living in North-East Punjab.

History and origin

One of the earliest Jat clan, the majority of Malhis migrated to Indian Punjab during the Partition of India in 1947. It is believed that there were twelve villages of the Malhi clan in the undivided Punjab between 1850-60 during British Rule. One such village is Kotli Soorat Malhi, a village in Gurdaspur District. Sialka,a village in Amritsar district.[1]

From a historical standpoint, the Malhi clan is most famous for its association with the death of Alexander the Great. One of the theories concerning Alexander the Great's death has to do with the possibility of an infection of an arrow wound he suffered two years before his actual death in Persia, during a sally against a Malhi fortified town.

The clan is mostly found around Baddomalhi, in the Raya tehsil. They trace their descent from Ram Chanderji of Surajbhansi family. In loyalty they are reported upon as second to none. The people of this clan are also found in 12 or 13 villages round about Badiana, a village midway between Pasrur and Sialkot. Ancient writers such as Diodorus, Arrian and Strabo tell us that during Alexander's invasion of Punjab, the area around Multan, an ancient city now in Pakistan, was occupied by Malli (Malhi) people. Thus, as per Professor McCrindle, "The Malloi (Malli or Malhi) occupied the district situated between the lower Akesines (modern Chenab river), and the Hydraotes (modern Sutlej river), which in Alexander's time joined the former river below Multan-a city which owes its name to the Malloi (Malli)".

Famous persons

  • Chaudhry Naseer Malhi
  • Naeem Ahmed Malhi
  • Akbar Malhi (English Marine Commando of the 48th Royal Marine Commandos (during WW2)
  • Ajwinder Malhi
  • [Aamir Malhi]]


  1. ^ Extract From the book *[[Handbook on Sikhs, by Major A. E. Barstow]], 2/11 Sikh Regiment (late 15th Ludhiana Sikhs ). Written in 1899 and later revised at the request of the Govt of India in 1928.

Ch. Nazir Ahmed Malhi from Baddomalhi currently living in London UK. VARINDER PAL SINGH Chaudhry Ghulam Ali Malhi of mamukanjan faisalabad ch. Muhammad Afzal Malhi Numberdaar of kamon malhi tehsil & distt Gujranwala

Khuram Mukhtar malhi

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