Aida (disambiguation)

Aida (disambiguation)

Aida may be best known for the opera "Aida" by Giuseppe Verdi.

Aida may also refer to:

In names:
* Aida (name), a female given name
* Garo Aida (1949– ), a Japanese photographer
* Sayaka Aida (1975– ), a Japanese voice actor
* Shinichi Aida, a Japanese popular music artist
* Shoko Aida (1970– ), a Japanese popular music artist and actress
* Yu Aida (1977– ), a Japanese manga author and illustrator
* Yua Aida, a Japanese model

In sport:
*Association Internationale Pour Le Developpment De L'Apnee

In geography:
* Aida, Okayama, a former town in Japan, known for the "Aida" race car circuit
** Okayama International Circuit, formerly known as TI Circuit Aida, a race car circuit which hosted the Formula One Pacific Grand Prix in 1994 and 1995
**Aida Junior High School
* Aida District, Okayama, Japan
* Aida (camp), a Palestinian refugee camp

In computer science:
* AIDA32, computer software that provides information on hardware
* AIDA (computing), a set of defined interfaces and formats for representing common data analysis objects, primarily used by researchers in high-energy particle physics.
* AIDA/Web, a Smalltalk open source web application framework.

In fiction:
* Aida, a character from "The Cairo Trilogy", by Naquib Mahfouz
* AIDA (.hack), Artificially Intelligent Data Anomalies, fictional AIs in the ".hack" franchise
* , one of the protagonists in the 2003 computer game "Unreal II: The Awakening"

In movies and television:
* "Aida" (1953 film), starring Sophia Loren
* "Aida" (film), the 1987 Swedish film
* "Aída", a Spanish TV series, a spin-off from "7 Vidas"

In music:
* "Aida" (musical), the musical by Elton John and Tim Rice whose story is based on Verdi's opera
* "Aida" (album), a 1980 album by Derek Bailey

* AIDA International, organizing body for the sport of freediving
* Aida (café), a chain of coffeehouses in Vienna, Austria
* AIDA Cruises, a German cruise company, also the prefix of several ships in their fleet
* The Australasian Intervarsity Debating Association, organizing body of the Australasian Intervarsity Debating Championships

Other uses :
* AIDA, Attention-Interest-Desire-Action, an acronym used in marketing
* AIDA interactive educational freeware diabetes simulator, originally developed as an attempt at an Automated Insulin Dosage Advisor
* Aida cloth, used in Cross-stitch
* AiDA (development), a global list of international development projects
* Operation Aida, Rommel's penultimate effort to take Egypt from the British using the Afrikakorps in mid-1942

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