Windows Easy Transfer

Windows Easy Transfer

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name = Windows Easy Transfer

caption = Windows Easy Transfer on Windows Vista
developer = Microsoft
released = November 8, 2006
latest release version = 6.0.6001.18000
latest release date = February 4, 2008
operating system = Windows Vista
genre = File transfer
license = Proprietary EULA
website = [ Windows Easy Transfer]

Windows Easy Transfer is a program included in Windows Vista which helps users to move files and settings stored on their computers running Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista itself, to a new computer running Windows Vista. [ Description of Windows Easy Transfer for Windows Vista] ] It succeeded the "Files and Settings Transfer Wizard" included in Windows XP. The application is downloadable for Windows XP or Windows 2000. [ [ Quick Start Guide to Windows Vista User Profile Migration] ]

Features transferred

Windows Easy Transfer can transfer ] :
* Files and folders including photos, music, videos, documents, email messages and contacts
* User accounts and user account settings (Windows XP and later)
* Application configuration data files and settings (Windows XP and later)
* Several Windows configuration settings stored in the registry (Windows XP and later)

The program does not support transferring entire applications themselves and system files such as fonts and drivers. ] For transferring certain supported applications, Microsoft has released the "Windows Easy Transfer Companion". [ [ Using Windows Easy Transfer: Windows Vista blog] ] Also, for power users, administrators and enterprise computers, a command-line "User State Migration Tool" (USMT) is available. [ [ User State Migration Tool (USMT) 3] ]

Transfer methods

There are several methods that can be used ] :
* Using a proprietary USB-to-USB bridge cable made by Belkin called the "Easy Transfer Cable"
* Using CD/DVD, a USB flash drive or an external hard disk drive
* Over a wired or wireless network or using an ethernet crossover cable

Notably, transferring over a Direct Cable Connection using parallel or serial cables and using floppy disks is not supported. [ [ The option to use a serial cable connection or an infrared link is unavailable when you create an incoming connection in Windows Vista] ] These methods were supported in the "Files and Settings Transfer Wizard" in Windows XP.

Frequent complaints on the Internet

Internet forums contain many problem reports, including stalled network transfers; users have apparently had to resort to manual transfer of data.

ee also

* Management features new to Windows Vista


External links

* [ Windows Vista: Windows Easy Transfer]

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