Dark Matter Moving at the Speed of Light

Dark Matter Moving at the Speed of Light

Dark Matter: Moving at the Speed of Light was a 2004 album by Afrika Bambaata, which was released on Tommy Boy Entertainment.

Track listing

  1. Got That Vibe - (featuring King Kamonzi)
  2. Metal (featuring Gary Numan/MC Chatterbox)
  3. Dark Matter (featuring King Kamonzi)
  4. Take You Back
  5. Soul Makossa
  6. Just a Smoke (featuring Mustafa Akbar)
  7. 2137 (featuring Alien Ness)
  8. Almighty Ra (featuring TC Izlam)
  9. Touch & Go (featuring Muriel Fowler)
  10. Shake ’n Pop Roll (featuring Aghi Spirits)
  11. Ain't Talk’in No Shhh
  12. Pick Up On This
  13. No Dope Fiends on the Floor
  14. Electro Salsa
  15. B More Shake
  16. Meet Me at the Party
  17. Sally (featuring King Kamonzi)
  18. Zulu Chant No. 5


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