Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation

Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation

The Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation is one of the two organs of the European Patent Organisation (EPOrg), the other being the European Patent Office (EPO). [EPC Article|4|2] The Administrative Council acts as the Organisation's legislative body,EPC Article|33] while the EPO acts as executive body of the Organisation.EPC Article|4|3] [ Gower's Report on Intellectual Property] , para 1.34]

The Administrative Council is made up of members of the contracting states and is responsible for overseeing the work of the European Patent Office, ratifying the budget and approving the actions of the President of the Office. The Council also amends the Rules of the EPC and some particular provisions of the Articles of the European Patent Convention (EPC).

The current chairman is Roland Grossenbacher (Swiss) while the current deputy chairman is Benoît Battistelli (French). [ European Patent Office (EPO) web site, [ "Administrative Council, Composition"] . Consulted on March 23, 2008.]

Under EPC Article|28, the Administrative Council has set up a Board composed of five of its members, [ EPC Article|28|1 ] Managing Intellectual Property, "Fees may rise as EPO stresses quality" (Interview: Roland Grossenbacher), February 1, 2008 ] including the Chairman, the Deputy Chairman and three other members elected by the Administrative Council, [ EPC Article|28|2 ] to perform duties assigned by the Administrative Council. [ EPC Article|28|4 ] The Board is informally called "Board 28", named after Article 28 EPC, and currently carries out a "workload study", i.e. a study on how to manage the workload facing the European Patent Office.


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