2+2 (car body style)

2+2 (car body style)

The term 2+2 (pronounced "two plus two") is a phrase used to describe the configuration of a car with seating for "two" passengers in the front, "plus two" smaller seats for occasional passengers (or children) in the rear.

2+2s have only two rear seats rather than the more common three. Reasons for this include the fact that they may be sporty in nature and typically have a low roof line, wide wheel arches, and/or (because of being front engined with rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive) wide central transmission tunnels, the last of these being the most pressing problem for a third (middle) seat. The Porsche 911 is a rear engined, rear wheel drive, so lacks a large transmission tunnel, but loses space in the rear due to its wheel arches, reducing the space to 2 passengers.

Space in the rear is most noticeably absent in terms of longitudinal leg-room. This is again often due to the low roof line, and other elements of body styling, in addition to large engine compartments and sometimes also large areas given over to the convertible roof in the case of a 2+2 convertible.

Many vehicles may fall into the definition, and there is no official body offering a strict definition, but cars called 2+2s "tend" to have:
* only space for a maximum of 2 rear passengers rather than 3;
* a more sporting nature than the average vehicle;
* coupé bodies;
* two doors.Many convertible, targa top and hatchback cars are strictly within this definition, but are rarely deemed 2+2s.

Few cars have ever been specifically marketed as 2+2s — most prominent are the classic Jaguar E-type fixed-head coupé 2+2, the Lotus Elan +2, the Nissan 300ZX 2+2 and the various Pontiac 2+2 models, including the aerodynamic Grand Prix of NASCAR fame.


The TVR Cerbera has its front passenger seated slightly forward to allow more room for a passenger in the back, as well as having very large side doors to make access to the rear seats easier.

The Mazda RX-8 has two small "half-length" rear doors to make access to the back seats easier.

Examples of cars available in a 2+2 version

:"These are examples, and are not intended to represent a complete list."
* Aston Martin DB7
* Aston Martin DB9
* Aston Martin Vanquish
* Chevrolet Camaro
* Ferrari Mondial
* Ferrari 456M GT
* Ford Mustang
* Honda Prelude
* Infiniti G35 Coupé
* Jaguar E-Type 2+2
* Jaguar XJS
* Jaguar XK
* Lotus Evora
* Maserati Ghibli II Coupé
* Maserati Gran Turismo Coupé
* Mazda RX-7
* Mitsubishi 3000GT
* Nissan 240SX
* Nissan 300ZX
* Nissan GT-R
* Pontiac Firebird
* Porsche 911
* Porsche 968
* Volvo 1800

ee also

* Car body style and particularly:
** Coupé
** Targa top
** Grand tourer
** Sports car
* Car classification

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