Kamikazi UNC Hip Hop Dance Team

Kamikazi UNC Hip Hop Dance Team

Kamikazi was started in 1996 by Chi Dang as the first co-ed dance team at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The team's name is derived from "Kamikaze" which is a Japanese word that means "Divine Wind." This word originated during the 13th century when a typhoon saved Japan from a Mongolian invasion and forever changed the course of history.

True to its name, Kamikazi is an active participant in many fundraisers and charity events. The team is composed of dedicated people who are concerned for their community as well as the welfare of their teammates.

Every year, Kamikazi attracts new and vibrant people with their own talents and styles. Nevertheless, the spirt of Kamikazi lives on in a diversity-oriented, unified dance team committed to their highly-practiced routines and shows. They perform a variety of dance styles including hip hop, jazz, break dancing, popping, locking, and more. [http://mephitix.epfarms.org/kamikazi/References


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