Carpenter Street

Carpenter Street

Infobox Star Trek episode
series = Enterprise
name = Carpenter Street

ep_num = 63
prod_num = 311
date = November 26, 2003
writer = Rick Berman Brannon Braga
director = Mike Vejar
guest = Leland Orser Matt Winston Jeffrey Dean Morgan
stardate = unknown
year = 2153
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next = Chosen Realm

"Carpenter Street" is the 63rd "" television episode. It is part of the series' third season.


Crewman Daniels informs Archer that three Xindi (Reptilian) have traveled back in time to Detroit, Michigan, Earth, to the year 2004, where they intend to hide out and produce a bioweapon to destroy Earth (the Xindi Council had banned the use of bioweapons, forcing the reptilians to take extraordinary measures). Daniels later sends Archer and T'Pol back in time to investigate. He also gives Archer temporal tags to bring back anything that doesn't belong in the 21st century.

Soon after arriving Archer informs T'Pol that they need currency, using 22nd century technology Archer withdraws some money from a nearby ATM, and later finds a car. Archer succeeds in "piloting" a car after a few failed attempts.

Using a hand scanner T'Pol locates the Xindi bio signs leading them to an abandoned factory on "Carpenter Street". They notice Loomis, a blood bank employee, exiting the building. Suspecting something, they follow Loomis to his apartment. After he tries to escape, he runs down the fire escape and T'Pol uses the famous Vulcan nerve pinch to stop him. Later, he wakes in his apartment, and thinking Archer and T'Pol are police officers, Loomis admits delivering six out of eight bodies to his employers, one for each blood type, for which the Xindi pay him a lot of money. Loomis reveals the details of the plan in hopes of striking a deal - perhaps amnesty - from the "officers".

Archer comes up with a plan and poses as one of the newly delivered bodies. After escorted and "sold" by Loomis, Archer realizes that the Xindi are developing some sort of a bio weapon. Archer begins destroying the technology of the Xindi and in process kills one of the three Reptilians. Two others try to escape with a canister of deadly bio-agent. Archer manages to kill another Xindi.

The last Xindi escapes due to the interference of Loomis. T'Pol again uses the Vulcan nerve pinch and subdues Loomis. After a short chase, Archer corners the last Xindi who is holding the bio-agent canister. The Xindi threatens to release the bioweapon but is subdued. Archer and T'Pol then collect all non-21st-century artifacts by using their temporal tags, and quickly return to the Enterprise. Loomis, on the other hand, wakes up surrounded by police officers and attempts to explain that he was manipulated by "lizard people" and their "ray guns".


* There is no Carpenter Street in real-life Detroit; however, there is one in Hamtramck, Michigan, a small city surrounded on all sides by Detroit.
* John Billingsley, Anthony Montgomery and Linda Park do not appear in this episode. Dominic Keating does not appear on screen, but has a couple of voice-over lines.
*T'Pol implies that the unfinished bioweapon, calibrated to six of the eight ABO-h blood types, could kill three quarters of Earth's population. Given the rarity of the two remaining types, B-negative and AB-positive, it is likely that the weapon would have a more devastating effect.
*This episode is the first "Star Trek" episode to have a TV-14 rating, due to the violence in the episode. Other episodes carry either a TV-G or TV-PG rating, depending on the series in question.
* It takes 7:20 (of 41:04) minutes before any of the series regular characters even appear on screen. (Well to be precise, at 7:20 Enterprise appears, and at 7:31 Archer walks in frame.)


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