1948 Republican National Convention

1948 Republican National Convention

The 1948 Republican National Convention was held at the Municipal Auditorium, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from June 21 to June 25, 1948.

New York Governor Thomas E. Dewey had paved the way to win the Republican presidential nomination in the primaries where he had beaten Minnesota Governor Harold E. Stassen and the victorious World War II General Douglas MacArthur. In Philadelphia he was nominated on the third ballot over the opposition from die-hard conservative Ohio Senator Robert A. Taft, from the future "minister of peace" Harold E. Stassen of Minnesota, Michigan Senator Arthur Vandenberg and California Governor Earl Warren. In all Republican conventions after 1948, the nominee was selected on the first ballot. Warren was nominated for Vice President. Together the Republican ticket of Thomas Dewey and Earl Warren surprisingly went on to narrowly lose the general election to the Democratic ticket of Harry S. Truman and Alben W. Barkley.

The Platform

* Reduction of the public debt
* Federal aid to states for slum clearance and low-cost housing
* Extension of Social Security benefits
* A federal anti-lynching law
* Federal civil rights legislation
* Abolition of the poll tax
* A crackdown on domestic Communism
* Recognition of the state of Israel
* International arms control "on basis of reliable disciplines against bad faith".

Candidates before the Convention

*Businessman Riley A. Bender of Illinois
*Speaker of the House Joseph William Martin, Jr. of Massachusetts

The Balloting

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*United States presidential election, 1948

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