Rock and roll (disambiguation)

Rock and roll (disambiguation)

Rock and roll is a popular music style.

Rock and roll or Rock 'n' roll may refer to:



* "Rock n Roll" (Ryan Adams album)
* "Rock'n Roll" (Dread Zeppelin album)
* "Rock 'n' Roll" (John Lennon album)
* "Rock 'n' Roll" (Motörhead album)
* "Rock'n Roll" (New York Dolls album)
* "Rock 'n' Roll" (Potshot album)
* "Rock & Roll" (Vanilla Fudge album)
* ""
* "Rock 'n' Roll Music" (The Beatles album)
* "Rock and Roll" (Beyond album), by Beyond


* "Rock and Roll" (Led Zeppelin song)
* "Rock and Roll" (Gary Glitter song)
* "Rock and Roll Music", by Chuck Berry, famously covered by The Beatles
* "Rock and Roll", by Edan from " Beauty and the Beat"
* "Rock & Roll", by The Velvet Underground from "Loaded"
* "Rock'n Roll", by Daft Punk from "Homework"
* "Rock 'n' Roll", by Krokus from "One Vice at a Time"
* "Rock 'n' Roll", by Status Quo from "Just Supposin'"
* "Rock 'n' Roll", by The Prodigy"song.


* Rock and Roll (dance), a competitive form of dance
* "Rock 'n' Roll" (computer game), a 1989 game for 8-bit systems
* "Rock & Roll" (film), a 2007 Malayalam film directed by Renjith
* Rock 'n Roll (G.I. Joe), a character from the G.I. Joe universe
* "Rock 'n' Roll" (play), play by Tom Stoppard
* Rocking and rolling, a name for cueing techniques in sound and video recording

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