President of the European Central Bank

President of the European Central Bank

The Presidents of the European Central Bank


List of presidents since the establishment of the bank on 1 June 1998.

Initial appointment

The French interpretation of the agreement made with the installation of Wim Duisenberg as President of the European Central Bank was that Duisenberg would resign after just four years of his eight year term, and would be replaced by the French Jean-Claude Trichet. Duisenberg always strongly denied that such an agreement was made and stated in February 2002 that he would stay in office until his 68th birthday on 9 July 2003.

In the meanwhile Jean-Claude Trichet was not cleared of legal accusations before 1 June 2002, so he was not able to begin his term after Duisenberg's first four years. Even on 9 July 2003 Trichet was not cleared, and therefore Duisenberg remained in office until 1 November 2003. Duisenberg died on the 31 July 2005.

Vice President

Vice President Christian Noyer was only appointed for four years so that his resignation would coincide with the expected resignation of Duisenberg. His successor is Lucas Papademos, who is granted an eight year term.

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