Santo Antônio River

Santo Antônio River

river_name = Santo Antônio River

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caption = Santo Antônio River in Santo Antônio do Rio Abaixo.
origin = Conceição do Mato Dentro
length = 140km
The Santo Antônio River is born in Espinhaço mountains, in the districtof Santo Antônio do Cruzeiro, city of Conceição do Mato Dentro, Minas Gerais, running for the east, after a passage of more than 140km, goes to pour its waters in the Doce River.

It was used by the bandeirantes, as way of penetration in gold search and to the few they had been populating its edges. E still today, is used by the population through fishes, of pans it, the leisure, the tourism, as source of water and energy, sand extration, etc.

Although the river has contributed for the life of the people, some activities practised for the population as: I pan, sand tourism, extration, have contributed with the modification of its course and pollution of its waters.

The Santo Antônio River is born between rocks forming some waterfalls. Continuing its descending its course is interrupted by other gorgeous waterfalls that embelezam the natural landscape of the cities bathed for its waters, as Bahia Falls.

The Santo Antonio River, as all the rivers of Minas Gerais, are classified as being of plateaus, its waters run on Atlantic Plateaus between mountain ranges and mounts forming waterfalls.

Its basin is one of most important of Brazil, for having Tabuleiro Falls (considered for the "Guia 4 rodas of 2005" as the waterfall prettiest of Brazil).

Cities of the basin of Santo Antônio River

* Conceição do Mato Dentro
* Morro do Pilar
* Santo Antônio do Rio Abaixo
* São Sebastião do Rio Preto
* Ferros
* Braúnas
* Joanésia
* Açucena
* Mesquita
* Belo Oriente
* Naque

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