Gamma Rho Lambda

Gamma Rho Lambda

Infobox Fraternity
letters= ΓΡΛ
name= Gamma Rho Lambda
founded= Birth date and age|2003|08|25
birthplace= Arizona State University, (Tempe, Arizona)
type= Social
scope= National
mission= "Gamma Rho Lambda National Sorority is an all-inclusive woman's social sorority exemplifying the qualities of tolerance, diversity, unity, and trust, which provides a network of assistance in the areas of scholastic guidance, emotional support, and community service while ultimately developing the lifelong bonds of sisterhood."
colors=████ Purple ████ Black
flower= Sunflower
chapters=2 chapters
2 colonies
members= 52
address= PO Box 24695
city= Tempe
state= Arizona
country= USA

Gamma Rho Lambda (ΓΡΛ) is the first college-based, LBTQ sorority which is not exclusive to women of a particular race or sexual orientation. They were founded in 2003 at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona [ Shoyeb, Jacqueline (February 14, 2004). "First Gay Sorority Recognized". The State Press, p. 1-2.] . The sorority was established as a social support system for lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and alternative lifestyle-friendly female students, embodying an open and diverse environment for all of its members [cite news |author= Hunt, Corey |title= Safety a priority for rights group |url= |publisher=Mesa Legend |date= 2004-3-9 |accessdate=2008-03-17 ] . The sorority strived to break down barriers between the LGBTQ community and the greater community [cite web |url= |title=Gamma Rho Lambda History |accessdate=2008-03-17 |author=Gamma Rho Lambda ] .


-focused fraternity on campus, Sigma Phi Beta [cite news |author= Vary, Adam E. |title= Rushing to Come Out |url= |publisher=The Advocate |date= 2004-10-12 |accessdate=2008-03-17 ] . The founding sisters recognized the specific challenges that lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and allied women faced in their development and wanted a college-based social system, more than just a women's club, that helped women face these challenges [cite web |url= |title=Gamma Rho Lambda Mission and Purpose |accessdate=2008-03-17 |author=Gamma Rho Lambda ] .

In 2005, Gamma Rho Lambda began the task of expanding nationally, as they had been approached by women at both Georgia Southern University and San Diego State University [cite web |url= |title=Gamma Rho Lambda History |accessdate=2008-03-17 |author=Gamma Rho Lambda ] . Over the course of the next year, Gamma Rho Lambda worked to expand to these campuses, functioning in a national and local capacity at the same time [cite news |author= Hauswirth, Kevin |title= Gay and Greek at ASU |url= |publisher=The Advocate |date= 2005-08-30 |accessdate=2008-03-17 ] .

In 2006, with enough alumni members to support a national council, Gamma Rho Lambda National Sorority became independent of Alpha Chapter. In this same year, Gamma Rho Lambda also expanded to the University of Missouri [cite web |url= |title=Gamma Rho Lambda History |accessdate=2008-03-17 |author=Gamma Rho Lambda ] .

In 2008, San Diego State University gained chapter status as Beta Chapter and Kansas State University became a colony of Gamma Rho Lambda.

Since that time, with two chapters and two colonies, Gamma Rho Lambda National Sorority has been continuing to expand to other states and working to establish a Foundation.

Name Meaning

The Lambda symbol was adopted by the New York City's Gay Activists' Alliance in the 1970s during the Stonewall Riots. Since then, the Lambda has spread as a symbol for the gay liberation movement. Because of its history, the Lambda was chosen to be a letter in the sorority’s Greek name. The Gamma and Rho symbols were chosen because with the Lambda symbol, they spell GRL ("girl") [cite web |url= |title=Gamma Rho Lambda Fact Sheet |accessdate=2008-03-17 |author=Gamma Rho Lambda ] .



Purple and Black - Purple is often representative of homosexuality, bisexuality, and pride. Black was the color of the upside-down triangle often used to mark outspoken or progressive women during the holocaust. For these reasons, Gamma Rho Lambda chose purple and black for their colors.


Sunflower - Gamma Rho Lambda chose the sunflower because it symbolizes pride.


Wolf - The wolf is Gamma Rho Lambda's mascot which represents loyalty, success, perseverance, stability, thought, guidance, intuition, learning and spirit.

Coat of Arms

The Gamma Rho Lambda Coat of Arms was designed by the founding sisters. It was originally sketched by one of the founders, and later redrawn by another founding member. Each symbol in the coat of arms has a specific meaning. Symbols in the coat of arms include the Lioness, the Bear, the Unicorn, the Crown of Thorns, the Metal Crown, the Isle of Lesbos symbol with Shaking Hands, the Upside Down Black Triangle, the Eye of Horus, the Hand, the Sword, the Ivy Leaf Vine, the Elephant Tusk, and the Cinquefoil.

Chapters and Colonies

Gamma Rho Lambda National Sorority has two active chapters at Arizona State University and San Diego State University, and two colonies at the University of Missouri and Kansas State University. University of Missouri is expected to gain chapter status at the end of 2008 [cite web |url= |title=Gamma Rho Lambda - About |accessdate=2008-03-17 |author=Gamma Rho Lambda ] . Kansas State University is expected to gain chapter status at the end of 2009.




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* [ Official Gamma Rho Lambda website]

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