Porter (name)

Porter (name)

Family name
name =Porter

meaning ="gatekeeper"
region =England
origin =Old French
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Porter (p(o)-rter) is a common English language surname and it's also a given name. The name originates as an Old French occupational name, "portier" (gatekeeper; doorkeeper), or "porteour" ("to carry"). Its earliest public record is 1086 at Winchester Castle. [cite web |url=http://www.surnamedb.com/surname.aspx?name=Porter |title=Surname: Porter |publisher=surnamedb.com |accessdate=2008-03-16] With transferred use, Porter also became a masculine given name with varied popularity. According to the U.S. Social Security Administration, Porter ranked #433 in 1907, declined to #1002 in 1944, then rebounded to #476 in 2006. [cite web |url=http://www.ssa.gov/cgi-bin/babyname.cgi |title=Popularity of the male name Porter |publisher=ssa.gov |accessdate=2008-03-16] [cite web |url=http://www.thinkbabynames.com/search.php?g=1&t=1&s=Porter |title=Porter - Name Meaning and Origin |publisher=thinkbabynames.com |accessdate=2008-03-16] People with the name include:


A – F

* Adriana Porter (1857–1946), Canadian poet and alleged witch
* Albert Gallatin Porter (1824–1897), US Congressman from Indiana
* Alexander Porter (1785–1844), US Senator from Louisiana
* Anna Porter, Canadian publisher and novelist
* Augustus S. Porter (1798–1872), US Senator from Michigan
* Charles Ethan Porter (ca. 1847–1923), African American still life painter
* Charles Howell Porter (1833–1897), US Congressman from Virginia
* Charles O. Porter (1919–2006), US Congressman from Oregon
* Chris Porter (born 1983), English footballer, currently playing with Motherwell FC
* Cole Porter (1891–1964), American composer
* Dana Porter (1901–1967), Canadian politician and jurist
* Darrell Porter (1952–2002), American baseball player
* David Porter (1780–1843), American diplomat and sailor
* David Rittenhouse Porter (1788–1867), Governor of Pennsylvania
* Dawn Porter (born 1979), British television presenter and writer
* Dawn Porter (skater), American skater
* Dorothy Porter (born 1954), Australian poet
* Edward Guss Porter (1859–1929), Canadian politician
* Edwin S. Porter (1870–1941), American filmmaker
* Eleanor H. Porter (1868–1920), author of children's literature
* Eliot Porter (1901–1990), American photographer
* Endymion Porter (1587–1649), English royalist
* Eric Porter (1928–1995), English actor
* Fairfield Porter (1907–1975), an American painter and art critic
* Fitz John Porter (1822–1901), Union general in the American Civil War

G - L

* Gail Porter (born 1971), British television presenter
* George Bryan Porter (1791-1834), Governor of Michigan Territory
* Gilchrist Porter (1817-1894), US Congressman from Missouri
* Gladys Porter (1894-1967), Canadian politician
* Graeme Porter (born 1955), Australian cricketer
* Henry Kirke Porter, American industrialist and Congressman from Pennsylvania
* Horace Porter (1837-1921), Union general in the American Civil War and president of the Pullman Palace Car Company
* Hugh Porter (born 1940), British cyclist and sports commentator
* Hugo Porter (Former Argentinian rugby player (holds the record for the second most drop goals in history) )
* James Porter (American politician) (1787-1839), US Congressman from New York
* James Porter (Australian politician), former member of the Australian House of Representatives
* James Porter (7th Cavalry) (1846-1876), American soldier in the Battle of the Little Bighorn
* James D. Porter, Jr. (1828-1912), Governor of Tennessee
* James E. Porter (1857-1946), Mayor of Kansas City, Kansas
* James Madison Porter (1793-1862), US Secretary of War and founder of Lafayette College
* Jerry Porter (football player) (born 1978), American football player
* Joel Porter (born 1978), Australian footballer
* Joey Porter (born 1977), American football player
* John Porter (politician), US Congressman from Pennsylvania
* John Porter (sociologist) (1921-1979), Canadian sociologist
* John Addison Porter, American Professor of Chemistry
* John Clinton Porter (ca. 1871-1959), Mayor of Los Angeles, California
* John Edward Porter (born 1935), US Congressman from Illinois
* Jon Porter (born 1955), US Congressman from Nevada
* Kalan Porter (born 1985), Canadian singer
* Katherine Anne Porter (1890-1980), American writer
* Keith R. Porter (1912-1997), American cell biologist
* Lewis Porter, author, music professor at The New Jersey State University

M - Z

* Michael Porter (born 1947), American strategic management academic and co-founder of the Monitor Group
* Montel Vontavious Porter (born 1973), American professional wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment
* Nelson D. Porter (1863-1961), Mayor of Ottawa, Canada
* Noah Porter (1811-1892), American educator and philosopher
* Nyree Dawn Porter, New Zealand born actress
* Peter Porter (poet) (born 1929), Australian-born British poet
* Peter A. Porter (1853-1925), US Congressman from New York
* Peter Buell Porter (1773-1844), US Secretary of War and Congressman from New York
* Quincy Porter (1897-1966), American composer
* Quinton Porter (born 1982), American football player
* Robert Porter (1833-1901), Canadian politician
* Robert Harold Porter (born 1933), Canadian politician
* Rodney Robert Porter (1917-1985), Nobel prize-winning British biochemist
* Roy Porter (1946-2002), historian of medicine
* Rufus Porter (1792-1884), American painter, inventor, and founder of "Scientific American" magazine
* Russell W. Porter (1871-1949), American co-founder of the Amateur Telescope Makers movement
* Steve Porter (footballer), British footballer
* Steven G. Porter (1869-1930), US Congressman from Pennsylvania
* Sylvia Field Porter (1913-1991), American financial columnist
* Timothy H. Porter (died 1840), US Congressman from New York
* Tony Porter (born 1952), British Bishop of Sherwood
* Sir William Porter, sergeant-at-arms to King Henry VII of England
* William A. Porter, American founder of E*Trade financial services company
* William James Porter (1914-1988), American diplomat
* William Sydney Porter (1862-1910), writer (pen name: O. Henry)
* Willy Porter, contemporary American folk musician

Given name

Infobox Given Name Revised
name =Porter

pronunciation= "pawr"-"ter"
gender = Male
meaning ="Gatekeeper"
region =England
origin =Old French
related names =
footnotes =

* Porter Blanchard (1886-1973), American silversmith
* Porter Cottrell (born 1962), American bodybuilder
* Porter H. Dale (1867-1933), US congressman and senator from Vermont
* Porter J. Goss (born 1938), CIA director and US congressman from Florida
* Porter Hall (1888-1953), American film and stage actor
* Porter King (1857-1901), American politician from Alabama and Georgia
* Porter J. McCumber (1858-1933), US senator from North Dakota
* Porter Rockwell, American gunfighter, Deputy United States Marshal and Mormon leadership bodyguard
* Porter Wagoner, American country music singer


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