Wagner (surname)

Wagner (surname)

Family name

meaning=A maker or driver of wagons
related names=Carter

Wagner is derived from the Germanic surname "Waganari", meaning wagonmaker or wagon driver.

This common occupational surname was often given to one who transported produce or other goods via high-sided wagons or carts. Among some German populations, especially the Pennsylvania Germans, Wagner also denoted a wagon-maker, wainwright, or cartwright. [ [http://genealogy.about.com/library/surnames/w/bl_name-WAGNER.htm WAGNER - Surname Meaning | Origin for the Surname Wagner Genealogy ] ]

People with the surname "Wagner"

*Adolf Wagner, a Nazi statesman
*Adolph Wagner, German economist
*Ashley Wagner, American figure skater
*Billy Wagner, American MLB relief pitcher
*Cosima Wagner, diarist and director of the Bayreuth Festival, daughter of Franz Liszt and wife of Richard Wagner
*David L. Wagner, entomologist
*David Wagner, computer security and cryptography researcher
*Eric Wagner, American heavy metal vocalist
*Friedlinde Wagner writer and broadcaster, daughter of Siegfried and Winifred Wagner
*George D. Wagner, Union general during the American Civil War
*Gottfried Wagner writer and critic of the Wagner family, son of Wolfgang Wagner
*Gudrun Wagner second wife of Wolfgang Wagner
*Heinrich Leopold Wagner, dramatist and author
*John Peter "Honus" Wagner, U.S. baseball player
*Jill Wagner, actress
*Johann Wagner German rococo sculptor
*Johann Andreas Wagner, German zoologist
*John Wagner, American comics writer
*Josef Franz Wagner, Austrian composer
*Josef Wagner, a Nazi Gauleiter in the Third Reich
*Julius Wagner-Jauregg
*Karl Willy Wagner (1883-1953), German pioneer in the theory of electronic filters
*Katharina Wagner German opera director, daughter of Wolfgang and Gudrun Wagner
*Lindsay Wagner, U.S. actress
*Matt Wagner, U.S. comics writer and artist
*Melinda Wagner, U.S. composer
*Nandor Wagner, Hungarian sculptor
*Nike Wagner, writer and arts festival director, daughter of Wieland Wagner
*Otto Wagner, Austrian architect
*Richard Wagner, German composer
*Richard Wagner (engineer) German Engineer
*Richard E. Wagner, American economist
*Robert Wagner, U.S. actor
*Robert Ferdinand Wagner (1877 – 1953), U.S. Senator (D-NY)
*Robert Ferdinand Wagner, Jr. (1910 – 1991), U.S. politician and mayor of New York City
*Robert Heinrich Wagner, Nazi Gauleiter and Reich Governor of Alsace
*Robin Wagner, American skating coach
*Robin Wagner, Broadway set designer
*Siegfried Wagner, German composer (son of Richard and Cosima Wagner)
*Steve Wagner (b. 1967), US field hockey goalkeeper
*Tini Wagner (b. 1919), Dutch swimmer
*Viktor Vladimirovich Wagner , Russian mathematician
*Walter Wagner (footballer), German footballer
*Walter Wagner (notary), notary who married Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.
*Warren H. Wagner, U.S. botanist
*Webster Wagner, American railroad inventor
*Wieland Wagner German opera-producer, son of Siegfried Wagner and Winifred Wagner
*Winifred Wagner, British-born director of the Bayreuth Festival, wife of Siegfried Wagner and friend of Adolf Hitler
*Wolfgang Wagner German opera festival director, younger brother of Wieland Wagner

ee also

* Wagner family tree, the composer Richard Wagner and his family, many of whom have been active in the arts, or as supporters or critics of the Nazis
*Wagner Ferreira dos Santos (born 1985), Brazilian football player


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