Rock Hall, Northumberland

Rock Hall, Northumberland

Rock Hall is a privately-owned 18th-century country house, now occupied by a school, at Rennington, near Alnwick, Northumberland (gbmapping|NU20082026). It is a Grade II* listed building. [ Alnwick DC Listed building description] ]

The Manor of Rock was owned by several Northumbrian families, Rock, Swinhoe, Lawson, Salkeld (1620-1705), Proctor and Holford, until the marriage of Charlotte Holford, heiress of Rock, brought the estate into the Bosanquet family. [ [ Genuki] ]

There was a house on the estate from the 14th century which was possibly converted to a tower house in the 15th century [ [ Keys to the Past] ] and which was remodelled by the Salkelds in the 17th century. [ Gatehouse Gazetteer] ]

The house was badly damaged by fire in 1752, but was restored about 1820 by Charles Bosanquet (High Sheriff of Northumberland in 1828) when architect John Dobson created a new and unusual south front with two semi-octagonal bays. A new north-west wing was added by architect F.R. Wilson in the mid 19th century.

Members of the Bosanquet family born at Rock include scientist Robert Bosanquet, Admiral Sir Day Bosanquet and philosopher Bernard Bosanquet.

In 1881 the estate comprised 1,130 acres employing 44 staff on the land and 11 in the house. [ [ 1881 census from Family Search] ]

From the mid 20th century the house was let out for use as a Youth Hostel and more recently as a Preparatory School. [ [ Rock Hall School] ]


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