Globe Theatre (disambiguation)

Globe Theatre (disambiguation)

The "Globe Theatre" may refer to several buildings:


* The Globe Theatre (Barbados) of Barbados


* The Globe Theatre, Regina in Regina, Saskatchewan, was founded in 1966.


* The "Globe Theatre" in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany is an approximation of the original, built entirely of wooden beams in 2000. The theatre regularly hosts Shakespearean plays during the summer months.


*There is a Globe Theatre in Tokyo.

New Zealand

* Globe Theatre, Dunedin

United Kingdom

*The original Globe Theatre of Shakespeare's London, built in 1599.
*The former Rotunda Theatre in Blackfriars Road, London, which opened in 1833 for a few years and was renamed The Globe.
*The Globe Theatre (Newcastle Street), London, which opened in 1868 and was demolished in 1902.
*The Gielgud Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, London, was known as the Globe from 1909 to 1995.
*Shakespeare's Globe, a modern reconstruction of the original Globe Theatre, opened in 1997.

United States

* The "Globe Theatre" was the original name of the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre on Broadway, which was built in 1910 and renamed in 1957.
* The "Globe of the Great Southwest", located in Odessa, Texas, which is a replica of the original Globe Theatre.
* The "Old Globe Theater" of San Diego, also known as the "Globe," was founded in 1935.
* The "Globe Theatre at Busch Gardens", in Williamsburg, Virginia, used to hold plays, but is now used to screen movies with special effects
* the Globe Theater (Los Angeles) is an old movie palace in the historic Broadway Theater and Commercial District in Los Angeles.

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