Disciplinary procedures

Disciplinary procedures

Disciplinary procedures, in parliamentary procedure, are used to enforce a deliberative assembly's rules. RONR notes, "Punishments that a society can impose generally fall under the headings of reprimand, fine (if authorized in the bylaws), suspension, or expulsion."[1] If an offense occurs in a meeting, the assembly, having witnessed it themselves, can vote on a punishment without the need for a trial.[2] The chair has no authority to impose a penalty or to order the offending member to be removed from the hall, but the assembly has that power.[2] It is also possible to make a motion to censure. Mason's Legislative Manual provides:[3]

Whenever the presiding officer attempts to thwart the purpose of the office, the power resides in the assembly to pass the presiding officer by and proceed to action otherwise. This right is but a branch of the power that assemblies exert in choosing temporary officers when the permanent officers are absent. It is not their absence that justifies the exercise of the power, but the fact they are not performing duties necessary to the proper fulfillment of the functions of the assembly. Inability or refusal to perform those duties has the same effect as actions in suspending the ordinary functions of the meeting and equally warrants the selection of the temporary chair. The power is inherent or inseparably attached to the right of the body to convene and act.

TSC notes that "The primary requisites for expulsion proceedings are due notice and fair hearing."[4]

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