Veles (city)

Veles (city)

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area_code =+389 043
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Veles ( _mk. Велес, Audio-IPA|Mk-Veles.ogg| [ˈve:lɛs] ) is a city in the center of the Republic of Macedonia on the Vardar river. The city of Veles is a seat of the Veles municipality.


The city is named after a Slavic god Veles. After World War II the city was known as Titov Veles after Yugoslavian president Josip Broz Tito, but the 'Titov' was removed when Macedonia became an independent nation. Cars which were registered in Veles were identified by the code TV (Titov Veles) which was changed as late as 2000 to VE.


The area of present-day Veles has been inhabited for over a millennia. In Ancient times Veles was called Vilazora (Greek Βυλασωρα) and contained a substantial population of Thracians and possibly Illyrians when it was part of the kingdom Paionia. Before the Balkan Wars, it was a township (kaza) with the name "Köprülü" in Uskub sandjak, Kosovo vilayet, Ottoman empire [Rahmi Tekin, Osmanli Atlasi, Istanbul 2003] .


Veles is a leader in the implementing of IT in the local administration in Macedonia.

Veles is a city of poetry, culture, history and tradition, as well as a town with plentiful and precious cultural heritage and centuries old churches.

Veles is a municipality of 50,000 people.Fact|date=February 2007

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*flagicon|Croatia Pula (Document of friendship and cultural cooperation in 2002)


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* [ Official website of Veles]
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