Tun Tin

Tun Tin

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name=Tun Tin

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order=9th Prime Minister of Burma
term_start=July 26 1988
term_end=September 18 1988
predecessor= Maung Maung Kha
successor=Saw Maung
birth_place=Kachin State
party=Burma Socialist Programme Party

Tun Tin (born 1930) was a Burmese politician. He served as the 9th Prime Minister of Burma for a few months in 1988.

Tun Tin was born in 1930 in Kachin State, in northern Burma. He served in the Burmese Army until 1974, rising to the rank of colonel. His last military post was that of regional military commander of the Northern regional command based in Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin State.

In 1974, Tun Tin became "Minister of Labour" in the Socialist government of Brigadier General Sein Win. In 1977, he became "Minister for Finance and Planning" during a cabinet reshuffle. In 1981 he was appointed "Deputy Prime Minister".

In July 1988, he became "Prime Minister" but was forced out of office by a military coup on September 18 of the same year. After this, he retired from politics.

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