Topic outline of Russia

Topic outline of Russia

:"For an alphabetical index of this subject, see the List of Russia-related articles."

Russia, officially known as the Russian Federation is the largest country in the world, covering convert|17075400|km2|sqmi|-2 - more than an eighth of the Earth’s land area. It is a transcontinental country extending across the whole of northern Asia and 40% of Europe; it spans 11 time zones and incorporates a great range of environments and landforms. With 142 million people, Russia is the ninth most populated country. Russia has the world's largest mineral and energy resources, has the world's largest forest reserves, and its lakes contain approximately one-quarter of the world's unfrozen fresh water.

The following topic outline is provided as an overview of and introduction to Russia:


* Pronunciation:
* International rankings of Russia

Geography of Russia

: "Main article: Geography of Russia"

* Russia is: a country
* Location: transcontinental (lies in both Europe and Asia)
** Eastern Hemisphere
** Northern Hemisphere
*** Eurasia
**** Europe
***** Eastern Europe
**** Asia
***** North Asia
** Extreme points of Russia
* Population of Russia: 142,008,838 people (2008 estimate) - 9th most populous country
* Area of Russia: unit sqkm|17075400|0|lk=on - 1st largest country

Environment of Russia

* Climate of Russia
* Ecology of Russia
** Ecoregions in Russia
** Renewable energy in Russia
* Geology of Russia
* National parks of Russia
* Protected areas of Russia
* Wildlife of Russia
** Flora of Russia
** Fauna of Russia
*** Birds of Russia
*** Mammals of Russia

Geographic features of Russia

* Fjords of Russia
* Glaciers of Russia
* Islands of Russia
* Lakes of Russia
** Caspian Sea (lake with 1.3% salinity, about a third the salinity of seawater. Compare with Great Salt Lake.)
* Mountains of Russia
** Caucasus Mountains
** Ural Mountains
** Volcanoes in Russia
* Plains of Russia
** West Siberian Plain
* Rivers of Russia
** Waterfalls of Russia
* Valleys of Russia
* World Heritage Sites in Russia

Regions of Russia

: "Main article: Regions of Russia"

* Economic regions of Russia
* European Russia
* White Nights
* North Caucasus
* Siberia (Asian Russia - the part of Russia that is in Asia)

Ecoregions of Russia

: "Main article: Ecoregions in Russia"

Administrative divisions of Russia

: "Main article: Subdivisions of Russia"

* Federal subjects of Russia (83)
** Republics of Russia (21)
** Oblasts of Russia (46)
** Krais of Russia (9)
** Autonomous oblasts of Russia (1)
** Autonomous okrugs of Russia (4)
** Federal cities of Russia (2)
*List of federal subjects of Russia by area
*List of federal subjects of Russia by population
*Types of inhabited localities in Russia

Republics of Russia

Autonomous oblasts of Russia

Russia has one autonomous oblast (autonomous province), the Jewish Autonomous Oblast (shaded dark blue).

Autonomous okrugs of Russia

Federal cities of Russia

Municipalities of Russia

* Capital of Russia: Capital of Russia
* Cities of Russia

Demography of Russia

: "Main article: Demographics of Russia"

* 2002 Census

Government and politics of Russia

: "Main article: Government of Russia and Politics of Russia"

* Form of government: federal presidential republic
* Capital of Russia: Moscow

* Elections in Russia
** (specific elections)
* Political parties in Russia
* Political scandals of Russia
* Taxation in Russia

Branches of the government of Russia

Executive branch of the government of Russia

* Head of state: President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev
** State Council of the Russian Federation (advisory board to the Head of State)
** Presidential Administration of Russia (President's support staff)
* Head of government: Prime Minister of Russia, Vladimir Putin
** Public Chamber of Russia
** 17 Ministries
** 7 Federal Services
** 30+ Federal Agencies

Legislative branch of the government of Russia

* Federal Assembly of Russia (bicameral parliament)
** Upper house: Federation Council of Russia
** Lower house: State Duma

Judicial branch of the government of Russia

* Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation
* Supreme Court of Russia

Foreign relations of Russia

* Diplomatic missions of Russia
* United States-Russia relations

International organization membership

Russia is a member of:
* Commonwealth of Independent States
* G8
* United Nations
** United Nations Security Council (permanent member)

Law and order in Russia

: "Main article: Law of Russia"

* Capital punishment in Russia
* Constitution of Russia
* Crime in Russia
* Human rights in Russia
** LGBT rights in Russia
** Freedom of religion in Russia
* Law enforcement in Russia
* Media freedom in Russia

Military of Russia

: "Main article: Military of Russia"

* Command
** Commander-in-chief:
*** Ministry of Defence of Russia
* Forces
** Army of Russia
** Navy of Russia
** Air and Air Defense Forces of Russia
** Special forces of Russia
* Military history of Russia
* Military ranks of Russia

Local government in Russia

History of Russia

: "Main articles: History of Russia, Timeline of Russian history, and

* Ancient Russia
** Proto-Indo-Europeans
** Scythians
** Bosporan Kingdom
** Khazaria
* Early East Slavs
** East Slavs
** Rus' Khaganate
* Kievan Rus'
* Mongol invasion of Rus
* Tatar invasions
* Volga Bulgaria
* Golden Horde
* Grand Duchy of Moscow
* Tsardom of Russia
* Russian Empire
* World War I
* Russian Revolution of 1917
* Russian Civil War
* Soviet Union
* Russian SFSR
* World War II
* Cold War
* Soviet war in Afghanistan
* Russian Federation
* Military history
* Postal
* French invasion of Russia

Culture of Russia

: "Main article: Culture of Russia and Russians"

* Architecture of Russia
* Cuisine of Russia
* Ethnic minorities in Russia
* Festivals in Russia
* Humor in Russia
* Languages of Russia
** Russian language
* Media in Russia
* National symbols of Russia
** Coat of arms of Russia
** Flag of Russia
** List of Russian flags
** National anthem of Russia
* People of Russia
** Famous Russians
* Prostitution in Russia
* Public holidays in Russia
* Records of Russia
* Religion in Russia
** Buddhism in Russia
** Christianity in Russia
** Hinduism in Russia
** Islam in Russia
** Judaism in Russia
** Sikhism in Russia
* Russian folklore
* Russian martial arts
* World Heritage Sites in Russia

The Arts in Russia

* Russian architecture
* Art in Russia
** Russian avant-garde
* Ballet in Russia
* Cinema of Russia
* Literature of Russia
* Music of Russia
* Television in Russia
* Theatre in Russia
* Opera in Russia

Sports in Russia

: "Main article: Sports in Russia"

* Football in Russia

Economy of Russia

: "Main article: Economy of Russia"

* Economic rank (by nominal GDP):

* Agriculture in Russia
* Banking in Russia
** Central Bank of Russia
* Communications in Russia
* Companies of Russia
* Currency of Russia: Russian Ruble
* Defense industry of Russia
* Economic history of Russia
* Energy policy of Russia
* Mining in Russia
* Oil industry in Russia
* Tourism in Russia
* Transport in Russia

* Russia Stock Exchange

Education in Russia

: "Main article: Education in Russia"

Infrastructure of Russia

* Communications in Russia
** Internet in Russia
** List of Russian-language television channels
* Energy in Russia
* Health care in Russia
* Transportation in Russia
** Airports in Russia
** Rail transport in Russia
** Roads in Russia
* Water supply and sanitation in Russia

See also

* List of basic geography topics
* List of international rankings
* List of Russia-related articles
* Russian Wikipedia


External links

* [] —News agency based in Moscow
* [ Daily-press] —Newspapers and magazines in Russia
* [ "Russia Profile"] English-language information service
* [ RussGUS] Bibliographic database of German publications on Russia (about 175 000 positions)

;Government resources
* [ Russian News Agency Ria Novosti]
* [ Duma] —Official site of the parliamentary lower house ru icon
* [ Federative Council] —Official site of the parliamentary upper house
* [ Kremlin] —Official presidential site
* [] —Official governmental portal ru icon
* [ Russian Federation Today] —Official issue of the Federal Assembly ru icon
* [ Ministry of Foreign affairs]
* [ Russian Federal Customs Service]
* [ Central Bank of Russia]

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