Laser spray

Laser spray

Laser spray is a new liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry interface. Explosive vaporization and mist formation occur when an aqueous solution effusing out from the tip of the stainless steel capillary is irradiated from the opposite side of the capillary by a 10.6 μm infrared laser. Weak ion signals could be detected when the plume was sampled through the ion sampling orifice. When a high voltage (3–4 kV) was applied to the stainless-steel capillary, strong ion signals appeared. The ion abundances were found to be orders of magnitude greater than those obtained by conventional electrospray ionization in the case of aqueous solutions.

Laser spray is a hybrid of three basic techniques for the generation of gaseous ions from the condensed phase, i.e., energy-sudden activation, nebulization and the action of an electric field. ["Laser spray: electric field-assisted matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization" Hiraoka, K. J. Mass Spectrom. 2004; 39: 341. ]

Biological application

Laser spray mass spectrometry can faithfully reflect the solution-phase characteristics of biomolecules. It has been successfully applied to evaluate the binding affinities of protein- [DNA] .


Laser spray has better ionization efficiency than conventional electrospray ionization (ESI) [1] . In particular, the sensitivity became more than one order of magnitude higher in negative ion modes. It was also found that this technique has a potential benefit for the low concentration samples due to condensation effect of the formed droplet by the irradiation of laser.


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