Topic outline of Iceland

Topic outline of Iceland

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Iceland, officially known as the Republic of Iceland is an island country of Northern Europe located in the North Atlantic Ocean between continental Europe and Greenland.cite web |authorlink=Central Intelligence Agency |title=CIA - The World Fact book -- Iceland |work=Government |publisher=United States Government |date=July 20, 2006 |url= |accessmonthday=August 6 |accessyear=2006] It is the least populous of the Nordic countries and the second smallest; it has a population of about 316,000 (April 1, 2008 estimate) and a total area of 103,000 km². Its capital and largest city is Reykjavík.

Located on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Iceland is volcanically and geologically active on a large scale; this defines the landscape in various ways. The interior mainly consists of a plateau characterized by sand fields, mountains and glaciers, while many big glacial rivers flow to the sea through the lowlands. Warmed by the Gulf Stream, Iceland has a temperate climate relative to its latitude and provides a habitable environment and nature.

The following topic outline is provided as an overview of and introduction to Iceland:

Haukadalur, Golden Circle] __TOC__

* Pronunciation:
* International rankings of Iceland

Geography of Iceland

: "Main article: Geography of Iceland"

* Iceland is: a Nordic island country
* Location:
** Northern Hemisphere and Western Hemisphere
** Atlantic Ocean
*** North Atlantic
** Eurasia
*** Europe
**** Northern Europe
***** Scandinavia
** Extreme points of Iceland
* Population of Iceland: 316,2521 people (April 2008 estimate) - 172nd most populous country
* Area of Iceland: unit sqkm|103000|0|lk=on - 107th largest country

Environment of Iceland

* Climate of Iceland
* Ecology of Iceland
** Ecoregions in Iceland
** Renewable energy in Iceland
*** Geothermal power in Iceland
* Geology of Iceland
** Volcanism in Iceland
*** Iceland hotspot
*** Iceland plume
* National parks of Iceland
* Protected areas of Iceland
* Wildlife of Iceland
** Flora of Iceland
** Fauna of Iceland
*** Birds of Iceland
*** Mammals of Iceland

Geographic features of Iceland

:"Main article: Landforms of Iceland"

* Fjords of Iceland
* Glaciers of Iceland
* Islands of Iceland
* Lakes of Iceland
* Mountains of Iceland
** Volcanoes in Iceland
* Rivers of Iceland
** Waterfalls of Iceland
* Valleys of Iceland
* World Heritage Sites in Iceland

Regions of Iceland

: "Main article: Regions of Iceland"

Ecoregions of Iceland

: "Main article: Ecoregions of Iceland"

Administrative divisions of Iceland

: "Main article: Administrative divisions of Iceland"

* Regions of Iceland (unofficial)

Constituencies of Iceland

Iceland is divided into 6 constituencies for the purpose of selecting representatives to the Alþingi (parliament):

*Reykjavík North (11)
*Reykjavík South (11)
*Northwest (9)
*Northeast (10)
*South (10)
*Southwest (12)

Municipalities of Iceland

* Capital of Iceland: Reykjavík
* Cities of Iceland, by population

Demography of Iceland

: "Main article: Demographics of Iceland"

Government and politics of Iceland

: "Main article: Government of Iceland and Politics of Iceland"

* Form of government: multi-party parliamentary representative democratic republic
* Capital of Iceland: Reykjavík

* Elections in Iceland
* Icelandic nationalism
* Political parties in Iceland

Branches of the government of Iceland

Executive branch of the government of Iceland

* Head of state: Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, President of Iceland
* Head of government: Geir H. Haarde, Prime Minister of Iceland
* Cabinet of Iceland
** Minister of Finance of Iceland: Árni Mathiesen
** Minister of Education, Culture and R&D of Iceland: Þorgerður Katrín Gunnarsdóttir
** Minister of Justice and Ecclesiastical Affairs of Iceland: Björn Bjarnason
** Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture of Iceland: Einar Kristinn Guðfinnsson
** Minister of Health of Iceland: Guðlaugur Þór Þórðarson
** Minister for Foreign Affairs of Iceland: Ingibjörg Sólrún Gísladóttir
** Minister of Trade of Iceland: Björgvin G. Sigurðsson
** Minister of Social Affairs and Social Security of Iceland: Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir
** Minister of the Environment of Iceland: Þórunn Sveinbjarnardóttir
** Minister of Industry and Nordic Co-operation of Iceland: Össur Skarphéðinsson
** Minister of Communication and Transportation of Iceland: Kristján Möller

Legislative branch of the government of Iceland

* Parliament of Iceland

Judicial branch of the government of Iceland

* Supreme Court of Iceland

Foreign relations of Iceland

* Iceland and the European Union

International organization membership

: "Main article: Iceland membership in international organizations"

Iceland is a member of:
* UN

Law and order in Iceland

: "Main article: Law of Iceland"

* Constitution of Iceland
* Law enforcement in Iceland
** Icelandic Police
** Víkingasveitin "(The Viking Squad)"
* Prostitution in Iceland (legal)

Military of Iceland

: "Main article: Military of Iceland"

* Army: Iceland does not have a standing army
* Navy: No navy (just the Icelandic Coast Guard)
* Air force: None
* Icelandic Coast Guard
* Iceland Air Defence System
* Icelandic Crisis Response Unit
* Víkingasveitin

History of Iceland

: "Main article: History of Iceland and Timeline of the History of Iceland"

* Settlement of Iceland
* Christianization of Iceland
* Kingdom of Iceland
* History of Icelandic Nationality

Culture of Iceland

: "Main article: Culture of Iceland and Icelanders"

* Architecture of Iceland
* Cuisine of Iceland
* Festivals in Iceland
* Humor in Iceland
* Media in Iceland
* National symbols of Iceland
** Coat of arms of Iceland
** Flag of Iceland
** National anthem of Iceland
* Prostitution in Iceland (legal)
* Public holidays in Iceland
* World Heritage Sites in Iceland

The Arts in Iceland

* Art of Iceland
* Cinema of Iceland
* Cuisine of Iceland
** Þorramatur
* Literature of Iceland
* Music of Iceland
* Television in Iceland
* Theatre in Iceland

Language in Iceland

* Icelandic grammar
* History of the Icelandic language
* Languages of Iceland
* Linguistic purism in Icelandic
** High Icelandic

Religion in Iceland

* Christianity in Iceland
** Church of Iceland
** Roman Catholicism in Iceland
* Islam in Iceland
* History of the Jews in Iceland
* Buddhism in Iceland
* Judaism in Iceland

Sport in Iceland

: "Main article: Sport in Iceland"

* Íþróttafélag Reykjavíkur


* Iceland at the Olympics


* Iceland national basketball team


* Iceland national cricket team


* Football Association of Iceland
* Iceland national football team
* Iceland women's national football team
* Icelandic football league system

Ice hockey

* Icelandic national ice hockey team


* Iceland Davis Cup team
* Iceland Fed Cup team

Sports personalities

Eiður Smári Guðjohnsen- Heiðar Helguson, professional footballer, currently at Fulham- Hermann Hreiðarsson- Jón Páll Sigmarsson- Magnús Ver Magnússon

Economy of Iceland

: "Main article: Economy of Iceland"

* Economic rank (by nominal GDP): 92nd (ninety-second)

* Banks of Iceland
* Communications in Iceland
* Companies listed on the Iceland Stock Exchange
* Currency of Iceland: Icelandic króna
* Economic history of Iceland
* National Bank of Iceland
* Tourism in Iceland
* Trade unions
** Confederation of State and Municipal Employees of Iceland
** Icelandic Federation of Labour
* Transport in Iceland

* Iceland Stock Exchange

Education in Iceland

: "Main article: Education in Iceland"

* Icelandic Student Loan Fund
* National and University Library of Iceland
* Universities in Iceland
** University of Iceland

Infrastructure of Iceland

and some towns it passes through: "1.Reykjavík, 2.Borgarnes, 3.Blönduós, 4.Akureyri,5.Egilsstaðir, 6.Höfn, 7.Selfoss]

* Communications in Iceland
** Internet in Iceland
* Energy in Iceland
** Renewable energy in Iceland
*** Geothermal power in Iceland
*** Icelandic hydroelectric power stations
* National parks of Iceland
* Transportation in Iceland
** Airports in Iceland
** Highway system of Iceland
** Rail transport in Iceland: None
* Water supply and sanitation in Iceland

See also

* Icelandic Wikipedia
* List of basic geography topics
* List of Iceland-related articles (alphabetical index)
* List of Iceland-related topics
* List of international rankings


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