Prince of the Blood (novel)

Prince of the Blood (novel)

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image_caption = "Prince of the Blood" first edition cover.
author = Raymond E. Feist
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cover_artist = Kevin Johnson
country = United States
language = English
series = "Krondor's Sons"
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genre = Fantasy novel
publisher = Doubleday
pub_date = July 28, 1989
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media_type = Print (Hardback & Paperback)
pages = 293 pp "(first edition)"
isbn = ISBN 0385236247
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followed_by = The King's Buccaneer

"Prince of the Blood" is a fantasy novel by Raymond E. Feist. It is the first book of the "Krondor's Sons" series and was published in 1989. It was later followed by "The King's Buccaneer" in 1992.

Plot introduction

This novel is about Borric and Erland conDoin's journey to the Empire of Great Kesh and their personal growth.

Meanwhile a group of nobles plan to overthrow the Empress of Kesh, ending her bloodline, dividing the court and start a war to tear the Empire of Kesh apart. In the middle of this conflict are the two princes from Krondor, Borric and Erland. When Borric is captured and hears of the plot to kill them both, he escapes and travels back to the court to warn everyone of the traitors' plans.

Plot summary

Twin sons to Arutha, the Princes Borric and Erland have lived a life of relative luxury. Though well educated and talented swordsmen, they spend their time brawling, gambling, and disrupting their father's court. After the twins show no sign of maturity after a year with the Border Lords, because Borric was Heir Presumptive to the throne in Rillanon after the drowning of King Lyam's only son, Arutha decided that his two sons could not afford the luxury of youth anymore. He sent them as ambassadors to the Empire of Kesh for the Empress' Golden Jubilee. Baron James ("Jimmy the Hand") and Baron Locklear accompany the twins.

On the way to Kesh, the embassy stops at Stardock. There James meets Gamina, Pug's adopted daughter and they fall in love at first sight. James and Gamina wish to marry but need Arutha's permission as well as giving his permission for the wedding to go ahead Arutha promotes James to the rank of Earl. Gamina then joins the group as they continue their journey south.

Upon entering Kesh, Borric is kidnapped by slavers. His companions believe that he has been killed and sorrowfully continue onward to the capital.

At the capital, the embassy is introduced to imperial customs and meet the various people who form the Empire. Erland enjoys an affair with the Empress' granddaughter, Princess Sharana, while Locklear also pursues a relationship with the Empress' daughter, Princess Sojiana. Later, after expressing unease about some of the things he had learned, Locklear disappears and is accused of the murder of Sojiana.

Meanwhile, Borric uncovers a plot against the Empress and escapes from his captors. He travels from Durbin to the capital city of Kesh, accumulating companions along the way including a beggar boy, a mercenary named Ghuda Bule, and a trickster named Nakor. Ghuda and Nakor feature prominently in following novels.

Publication history

Since its release "Prince of the Blood" has been published in over 15 countries. cite web | url = | title = Publication info | publisher = | date = | accessdate = 2008-03-21]

Note: Australia, New Zealand and South Africa have the same release dates as the UK.

*1989, USA, Doubleday ISBN 0385236247, Pub date August 1989, Paperback
*1992, USA, Doubleday ISBN 0385236247, Pub date November 1992, Hardback
*2004, USA, Spectra ISBN 0553803808, Pub date June 1, 2004, Hardback (15th anniversary)

*1989, UK, Grafton ISBN 0246130776, Pub date 1989, Harcover
*1989, UK, Grafton ISBN 0246130784, Pub date November 1989, Trade paperback
*1990, UK, Grafton ISBN 0586071407, Pub date December 1990, Paperback
*2004, UK, Harper Collins ISBN 0007176163, Pub date September 2004, Paperback (Revised edition)

*1995, JPN, Hayakawa ISBN 4-15-020208-7, Pub date July 31, 1995, Paperback
*1995, DEU, Goldman Wilhelm ISBN 3442246504, Pub date September 1995, Paperback
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*BGR, ISBN 9545851546, "Krondors Sons" omnibus


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