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"Wakfu" is a turn-based tactical MMORPG under development by Ankama Studio. It takes place in the same fantasy world as "Dofus", 1000 years later. [cite web|url=http://press.ankama.com/dl/355/games/wakfu/en/press_review/20070308_0_gamersmark.pdf|publisher=GamersMark|title=GDC 2007: Wakfu Announced for PC|date=2007-03-08|accessdate=2008-03-08] The game is currently in closed beta testing.cite web|url=http://game.wakfu.com/en/news/2401-english-closed-beta-now-open.html|title=Wakfu :: New Tactical MMORPG|language=English|accessdate=2008-06-25] Just like its sister game, Dofus, Wakfu will be primarily pay-to-play, with a small free-to-play area for players to sample. [http://game.wakfu.com/en/faq/ Wakfu primarily pay-to-play]


In the time of Dofus, an ogre named Ogrest managed to get all 6 Dofus eggs for the sake of someone he loved. However, she was interested only in the eggs, and Ogrest killed her in a fit of rage. Later realizing what he'd done, he climbed to a mountaintop and cried for 1000 years. This brings us to the time of Wakfu. Now the "goal" is to defeat Ogrest, but, like Dofus, this is not necessary.


* The fighting system turn by turn of Dofus et Dofus Arena, inspired by the Tactical RPG will also be present in Wakfu.
* The moves in Wakfu will be done with multidirectional scrolling (In Dofus, players crossed maps through maps, each map using its own screen).
* Among the innovations compared to Dofus, the interaction with its environment, an environment announced like more autonomous and alive : you'll have to preserve the fauna and flora while taking resources there, and the monsters will drive out or migrate.
* The community will be (at least partially) auto-managed: players will be charged to maintain the order: milicians, governors ... some status will be accessible thanks to elections.
* Each class own 20 spells, 5 tree structures of 7 spells corresponding to 3 elementary categories which change according to the class (fire, air, water…) a tree structure of support (neutral) and a tree structure of body with body. Each spell will profit from one hundred levels of power. The spells will progress to the wire of their use by the players. Contrary to several RPG (which wants players to evolve/move by obtaining spells increasingly more powerful) the character will be able to use all the spells available as of the beginning. The magic will be divided into eight elements: the lightning, wind, stasis (time), fire, ground, water, light, darkness and each class will have fates of four elements


In Wakfu, you will find the same characteristics as in DOFUS:

* Strength(Earth)
* Agility (Air)
* Intelligence (Fire)
* Chance (Water)
* Wisdom (increase your amount of experience)
* Vitality (increase health points)

You will also discover several secondary characteristics specific to Wakfu, here some examples:

* Dodge (which conditions the escape of Close combat)
* Blocking (to block in Close combat)
* Ferocity (Critical Blows)
* Command (Many creatures to our orders)
* Prospection (Chance to find unique objects)
* Will (to control a creature)

These characteristics make it possible to better achieve the part played by your character. If you're specialized for example in the Close combat, you will have to increase your characteristic of blocking as much as possible.

Playable classes

The classes of Wakfu will be, according to Ankama, the same ones as those of Dofus. The appearance of these characters was altered compared to Dofus: the modifications go from the simple addition of details (Sadida female) to a total recasting of the design (male Xelor and male Féca). Eniripsas also have undergoes a recasting of their physics and costume giving them an aspect slightly less less childish and l' addition d' a brush lets predict that their words magic could be launched in correlation with parchments without forgetting the osamodas which them were completely altered.

Ankama has announced only 4 spells owned by the classes Sadida, Osamodas, Ecaflip, Sacrieur, Feca, Enutrof, Pandawa and Eniripsa. And 10 for the Cra, 20 for the xelor, sram, and Iop.

* Xélor' Sandglas: (Mage) Xelor control time and the know how to command strict obedience to all related mechanisms like chimes, clocks and pendulums. Therefore, Xelors enjoy playing with time... either to slow down their enemies or to teleport themselves wherever they want.

* Crâ's Range: (Archer) Slender silhouettes along hait streaming in the wind, Cras are proud archers, for sure! They are precious allies against melee attacks. Always in a distance to shoot their feathered bolts into any opening left unattended, those fellows do inflict damage!

* Sram Shadow: (Burglar) The followers of the skull headed god particularly love pouches, especially when they're full! Tucking up the tails of a tunic, feeling the bottom of a pocket, proving themselves nimble-fingered, palpating the long desired jewels and setting up lethal traps is everything Srams love to do.

* Sadida's Shoe: (Druid) Fond of the teaching poured out by Nature, the Sadida disciple knows where to find the plants he needs to make his ointments and poisons. Taming brambles to turn them into fearsome weapons, crafting war and healing dolls, are as many things a Sadida worthy of the name enjoys doing.

* Iop's Heart: (Warrior) Sure as hell, Iops can make the weapons speak. Besides, among the Iops, shedding blood at least once a day is proof of good health. their impetuous moods make iops extreme warriors, capable or the worst and the best!

* Eniripsa's Hands: (Mage) The whole power of Eniripsas relies on their magic Words. Most of the time, they use them to heal their allies, but they can also hurt their enemies. Among them, some became Words Hunters, verb-surveyors, or even prowlers of the forgotten languages.

* Sacrier's Blood: (Guard) A Sacrier disciple will dramatically increase his strength when he's hit. as he doesn't fear blows or injuries, he will often be on the front line and therefore will be very much appreciated by the groups of adventurers! The Sacrier is the perfect mate for your long warrior nights…

* Osamodas' Whip: (Invoker) Osamodas' followers can summon creatures and are remarkable tamers. It's rumored that they cut their clothes from the skin of their enemies but you can go ask an Osamodas whether it's true or not... And you'll see for yourself if you end up as a boot or a full-lined beanie!

* Ecaflip's Coin: (Warrior) what's the life from where disciple of Ecaflip? It's a line of getting into places to earn a lot and then swiftly losing just as much if no more… A happy Ecaflip gambles all the time, for everything and nothing - but be careful, he takes gambling very seriously. He can even risk his life on a throw of the dice to win a fight...

* Feca's Shield: (Guard) Honest, loyal and upright, Fécas are appreciated within groups because of their protective powers, but also because they handle the staff like no one else. Generations of Fecas pride themselves to be brilliant guards to whom them wise men entrust their most precious items with complete confidence.

* Pandawa's Pint: (Warrior) Thanks to their drink, Pandawas can be wild and do anything with their bodies as well as with that of the others... Indeed, Pandawas can lift off their feet their allies to protect them or throw their enemies in the air so that they get hurt!

* Enutrof's Fingers: (Hunter of treasure) Enutrofs are inveterate treasure hunter. They are interested in any sort of goods, items or creature they will be able to make into kamas. The first thing an Enutrof makes when it meets another adventurer is assess him up and down with a single look. In the eyes of Enutrof, an adventurer is a creature full of goods, and often bedecked in items… that can be sold!

[http://game.wakfu.com/en/wakfu/classes.html Official site - Classes]


Here a list of the principal professions classified according to various ways and various Thirds:


The most famous monsters of Dofus, like Tofus, Moskitos and Gobballs will be present in Wakfu too but after being completely re-examined with addition of subclasses. However the graphic designers at Ankama Games developed new creatures, like Phorreurs and the Grave-diggers. Smares (monster in form of samare) also made their appearance!

[http://game.wakfu.com/en/wakfu/creatures.html Official Site - Creatures]


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