Dragons of Summer Flame

Dragons of Summer Flame
Dragons of Summer Flame  
Dragons of Summer Flame.jpg
Dragons of Summer Flame, 1st edition
Author(s) Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.
Illustrator Larry Elmore
Cover artist Larry Elmore
Country United States
Language English
Series Dragonlance
Genre(s) Fantasy novel
Publisher TSR, Inc.
Publication date November 1995
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 586
ISBN 0-7869-0523-9
OCLC Number 35815993

Dragons of Summer Flame is a NY Times Best Seller fantasy novel by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. The events of this novel follow the fictional Chaos War.


Publication history

Dragons of Summer Flame was first published by TSR, Inc. in November 1995, with a first printing of 200,000 copies.[1] On November 26, it became a New York Times Best Seller[2] It was reprinted in February 2002 by Wizards of the Coast.[3]

In April 1996, the book was recorded on 4 audio cassettes in an abridged version by HighBridge Audio, read by Wanda McCaddon.[4]

Plot summary

After a battle, the Nightlord Steel Brightblade finds Palin Majere, nephew of the famed mage Raistlin. He allows him to return with the bodies of his two brothers, slain in the battle, to their parents, Caramon and Tika.

The Knights of Takhisis visit an island where the hidden race of Irda make their home. The Irda hide themselves with an illusion, pretending to be primitive humans, and the knights leave. This fearful encounter causes the Irda to believe that another invasion will come, and convinces them to break open a magical item known as the Greygem of Gargath. The Irda did not know that the Graygem holds the entity known as Chaos inside it, long thought too dangerous to dabble with, which sets in motion the Chaos War.

Among the Irda is Usha, an orphaned human girl they had raised among them. They believed while their kind would be immune to the effect of the Greygem, that she, being a human, might be affected by it. So they decided to send her away, giving her a message to deliver to Lord Dalamar, master of the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas. After she is gone, they crack open the Graygem and release the god Chaos.


A reviewer for Dragon magazine said that the book "...completes the original trilogy on a resounding note."[5]

The many character deaths in the book brought the Dragonlance series to an apparent ending point, which was resolved by taking the world into the Fifth Age, the Age of Mortals. That in combination with TSR's change in the accompanying game rules "ended up splitting Dragonlance fandom", according to Weis.[6]

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