Spieprzaj dziadu!

Spieprzaj dziadu!

"Spieprzaj dziadu!" (Polish: "Piss off, old man!") is a famous phrase in Poland [http://www.expatica.com/fr/articles/news/Sarkozy-outburst-rings-bells-in-Poland.html Sarkozy outburst rings bells in Poland - Expatica ] ] . It was uttered by current Polish President Lech Kaczyński to a man on the street during the November 2002 Warsaw mayoral campaign [ [http://przekroj.pl/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1886&Itemid=58 PRZEKRÓJ - Prezydent niedopasowany ] ] in which he was taking part. It is now one of the most famous remarks associated with Kaczynski.

It has since taken on a life of its own, being quoted in television programmes and films, inspiring websites and appearing on T-shirts and a multitude of other objects.


As Kaczyński was about to get into his car, a passerby heckled him:

: Passerby: "You've changed the party, you've run away like rats.": Lech Kaczyński: "Sir, piss off Sir! That's what I'll say to you.": Passerby: "'Piss off Sir'? Sir, you are just afraid of the truth!": Lech Kaczyński (getting into his car): "Piss off, old man!": Passerby (to a journalist): "How can someone respond like that: 'Piss off Sir'? I asked the guy politely." [Original Polish:: Passerby: "Partie żeście zmienili, pouciekaliście jak szczury.": Lech Kaczyński: "Panie, spieprzaj pan! Oto panu powiem.": Passerby: "'Spieprzaj pan'? Panie, bo pan się prawdy boisz!": Lech Kaczyński: "Spieprzaj, dziadu!": Passerby: "Ale jak tak się można odzywać: 'spieprzaj pan'? Ja się grzecznie spytałem człowieka."]

Use in the 2005 presidential election campaign

The phrase was brought up again by candidate Donald Tusk, now Polish Prime Minister, during the 2005 presidential election campaign. On 26 September, during a televised debate with Kaczyński, Tusk said:

I will refrain from quoting, but that remark caused a furore. I believe, that in Poland there are no people, groups or old men, that should be left out. [ [http://tomaszlis.wp.pl/wid,7988005,archiwum.html?T%5Bpage%5D=4 Transcription of the debate on Polsat TV, 26 September] Original Polish: "Nie będę tego cytował, ale to powiedzenie zrobiło furorę. Uważam, że nie ma w Polsce ludzi, środowisk i dziadów, których należy wykluczyć."]

In Polish popular culture

The phrase has been repeated in various television programmes, notably the sitcom "Świat według Kiepskich" ("The World According to the Kiepskis") and cult cartoon "Włatcy móch". It is used in the Polish versions of the computer game "The Witcher" and appears in a milder form ("Zjeżdżaj, dziadu" - "Get lost, old man") in the translations for the animated films "Shrek", "Open Season" and "The Simpsons Movie". [http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spieprzaj_dziadu] Fact|date=March 2008

ee also

The word "dziad" also appears in other instances:
*Dziady - an ancient Slavic feast
*Dziady - a famous poem by Adam Mickiewicz

Similar political phrases
*"¿Por qué no te callas?"
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