Serious Drinking

Serious Drinking

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Name = Serious Drinking

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Origin = Norwich, England
Genre = punk rock
Years_active = 1981 - mid-1980s, and intermittently since
Label = Upright, Musical Tragedies, Worker's Playtime, Damaged Goods
Associated_acts = The Higsons, The Farmer's Boys
Current_members = Martin Ling
Eugene McCarthy
Andy Hearshaw
Jem Moore
Lance Dunlop
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Serious Drinking were a humorous punk rock band from Norwich, England whose lyrical themes often covered football and drinking.cite book |last=Strong |first=Martin C. |title=The Great Alternative & Indie Discography |year= 1999 |publisher=Canongate |isbn=0-86241-913-1 ]


The band formed in February 1981, taking their name from a Sounds headline to an interview with The Cockney Rejects, with most members having met at the University of East Anglia.cite book |last=Larkin |first=Colin |title=The Guinness Who's Who of Indie and New Wave Music |year= 1992 |publisher=Guinness Publishing |isbn=0-85112-579-4 ] Band members were Martin Ling (vocals, formerly of The Higsons), Eugene McCarthy (vocals), Andy Hearshaw (guitar, formerly of The Farmer's Boys), Jem Moore (bass), and Lance Dunlop (drums).cite book |last=Lazell |first=Barry |title=Indie Hits 1980-1999 |year= 1997 |publisher=Cherry Red Books |isbn=0-9517206-9-4 ] Debut EP, "Love On The Terraces" (produced by Madness's Mark Bedford) reached number 9 on the UK Indie Chart in 1982, follow-up "Hangover" reaching number 4 the following year. Debut album "The Revolution Starts at Closing Time" also reached number 4, and was followed up in 1984 by a second album, "They May Be Drinkers Robin, But They're Still Human Beings". After another single, "Country Girl Became Drugs and Sex Punk", Moore and Dunlop left the band. The new line-up continued with sporadic gigs.

The band were firm favourites of John Peel and recorded four sessions for his BBC Radio One show.cite web |url= |title=Keeping It Peel - Serious Drinking |accessdaymonth=08 March |accessyear=2008 |author= |year= |month= |work=Keeping It Peel |publisher=BBC |quote= ] "Love On The Terraces" also reached number 38 in the 1982 Festive Fifty.

A compilation of their finest moments, "Stranger Than Tannadice - The Hits, Misses and Own Goals" was released in 1990 on the Worker's Playtime label, to coincide with the 1990 World Cup, with a couple of singles also emerging in the 1990s.


Chart placings shown are from the UK Indie Chart.


*"Love On The Terraces" EP (1982) Upright (#9)
*"Hangover" (1983) Upright (#4)
*"Country Girl Became Drugs and Sex Punk" (1984) Upright (#8)
*"Red Skies Over Wembley" (1993) Musical Tragedies
*"Back Home 1966" (1996) Damaged Goods


*"The Revolution Starts at Closing Time" (1983) Upright (#4)
*"They May Be Drinkers Robin, But They're Still Human Beings" (1984) Upright (#16)
*"Stranger Than Tannadice - The Hits, Misses and Own Goals" (1990) Worker's Playtime


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