List of Santa Barbara cast and characters

List of Santa Barbara cast and characters

" [ [ Santa Barbara cast] ] who are notable for their actions or relationships, and who do warrant their own articles and are part of a notable families from the series."Please note that this site is under contraction and information will be added from time to time."

* Nikki Alvarez — "Constance Marie"
* Santana Andrade — "Ava Lazar / Margaret Michaels / Gina Gallego / Wanda De Jesus"
* Quinn Armitage — "Roscoe Born"
* Robert Barr — "Roscoe Born"
* Laura Simmons Asher — "Christopher Norris"
* Flame Beaufort — "Roberta Weiss"
* Mack Blake — "Steve Bond"
* C.C. Capwell — "Peter Mark Richman / Paul Burke / Charles Bateman / Jed Allan"
* Eden Capwell — "Marcy Walker"
* Julia Wainwright Capwell — "Nancy Lee Grahn"
* Lily Blake Capwell — "Lynn Clark / Paula Irvine"
* Kelly Capwell — "Robin Wright / Kimberly McArthur / Carrington Garland / Eileen Davidson"
* Ted Capwell — "Todd McKee / Michael Brainard"
* Mason Capwell — "Lane Davies / Terry Lester / Gordon Thomson"
* Angela Cassidy — "Nina Arvesen"
* Cruz Castillo — "A Martinez"
* Scott Clark — "Vincent Irizarry"
* Suzanne Collier — "Terri Garber"
* Pamela Capwell Conrad — "Shirley Anne Field / Marj Dusay"
* Michael Donnelly — "Frank Runyeon"
* Peter Flint — "Stephen Meadows"
* Victoria Lane — "Kristen Meadows"
* Laken Lockridge — "Julie Ronnie / Susan Marie Snyder / Shell Danielson"
* Lionel Lockridge — "Nicolas Coster"
* Warren Lockridge — "John Allen Nelson / Scott Jenkins / Jack Wagner"
* Sasha Schmidt — "Michelle Nicastro"
* Keith Timmons — "Justin Deas / John Novak"
* Augusta Wainwright — "Louise Sorel"
* B.J. Walker — "Sydney Penny"

Other characters. The following are characters from the American soap opera "Santa Barbara" who are notable for their actions or relationships, but the site is still under construction.


Danny Andrade

"Rupert Ravens (July 30 1984 - November 28 1986)"

Danny was the part of the very first teen cast on the show. He was the brother of Santana Andrade. Danny, along with the rest of the teen set, traveled to Hollywood to look for fame and even opened a hotel along with his friends. He was involved with Jade Perkins, but their relationship was eventually fazed out and by 1985 Danny was almost forgotten. He returned briefly on a couple occasions only to exit the show in 1986.

Rosa Andrade

"Margarita Cordova (July 30 1984 - February 24 1987; February 21 1991 - January 15 1993)"

Rosa, a maid to the wealthy Capwell family, was always there for either of the Capwell kids, being their surrogate mother while their real mother was believed to be dead. Always kind and loving, Rosa loved her husband Ruben. In 1987, Rosa disappeared from the screens, but the characters continued mentioning her as if she never left. She finally reappeared in 1991, after which her husband Ruben was never mentioned again, and she started dating Rafael Castillo.

Ruben Andrade

"Ismael 'East' Carlo (August 3 1984 - February 6 1985)"

Ruben was a member of the original cast. He, along with his wife Rosa, worked at the Capwell mansion. Ruben was a gardener and he didn't have much of a role during his short stay on the show. He mostly appeared to give comfort to his children, but the character never got a chance to develop. When the actor left the show, Ruben was often mentioned by Rosa as still alive, but was forgotten by the end of the series.

Marcello Armonti

"Wolf Muser (January 7 - June 4 1985)"

Ethan Asher

"Leigh J. McCloskey (March 7 1989 - July 18 1990)"

When the story of the four orphans first reached the screens, Ethan Asher was the first of those orphans to make his appearance in Santa Barbara. Ethan came to town to take over the district attorney position vacated by Keith Timmons, and he brought his mentally disturbed wife Laura with him. Laura started to cheat on Ethan with her former lover Michael Donnelly, which only prompted Ethan to search for comfort in the arms of Gina DeMott.

Laura, who was jealous over Ethan's closeness to Gina, ran over Ethan. Ethan ended up in a hospital, where he found a possible link to the death of Cassandra Benedict. Ethan continued researching the case and he didn't stop at anything, by breaking the law to find whatever he could. When his infringement was found out, Ethan was imprisoned.

Andrea Bedford

"Ally Walker (January 7 - October 31 1988)"

Andrea made her first appearance in town when an oil slick threatened the lives of many animals, for whom she cared for. Cain Garver, an investigator in Cruz Castillo's agency, suspected that Andrea might be a criminal named "Fox". It is later revealed that Andrea is actually a secret agent that arrived in Santa Barbara to find the mysterious "Fox", a person that killed her father. After learning that the person is actually a nurse named Kathleen McDougall, Andrea's mission was completed.

She decided to stay in Santa Barbara, and she started a relationship with Cain. Major Phillip Hamilton asked Andrea to help him bring Vietnamese families back together, without realizing that Phillip fell in love with Andrea. He hired an actress named Ming Li to separate Cain from Andrea. Phillip tries to romance Andrea, but later realized that she only loves Cain. Cain started acting weird, so Andrea left town for a little time. When she returned, she realized that things didn't change. One day, Andrea was found murdered and raped on the beach. The prime suspects were Phillip and Cain, but it was later revealed that it was in fact Dr. Zach Kelton.

Cassandra Benedict

"Karen Moncrieff (June 20 1990 - April 9 1992)"

Cassandra came to Santa Barbara in the middle of 1990, when everyone believed that she was dead for years. The so-called four orphans including Ethan Asher, Stephen Slade, Craig Hunt and Derek Griffin were trying to avenge her death at the same time of her arrival. It is soon revealed that Cassie is actually Minx Lockridge's long lost daughter. Cassie fell in love with Warren, but their love was forbidden because they were related. She then set her sights on Mason Capwell, and managed to break up his relationship with Julia. [ [ Mason proposes to Cassie] ] Cassie and Mason were about to get married when Warren kidnapped Cassie, but she eventually realized that they can't be happy together because he loves Angela Raymond. [ [ Julia and Cassie fight over Mason] ]

Cassie had a fierce attitude too. [ [ Cassie and Gina fight] ] After learning that Warren isn't actually a Lockridge, Cassie was keen on rekindling the romance, but Warren was deeply in love with Angela. Cassie tried to poison the woman, but even after numerous tricks, she wasn't able to break up the couple. Realizing that there isn't much else for her to do, Angela decided to leave town.

Hayley Benson

"Stacy Edwards (February 7 1986 - January 12 1988)

Hayley Benson arrived in Santa Barbara in 1986 after having ran away from her parents. She came to live with her aunt Gina Blake. Hayley soon won the sympathy of Ted Capwell, who gave her a job at the Capwell mansion. As time passed, Hayley got involved in a group that protested against the casino in town. During one of their activities, Hayley threw a projectile that ended up exploding and killing Amy Perkins Wallace. Hayley was then involved in a lawsuit and Ted Capwell was forced to testify against her. To protect her, Ted married Hayley so he wouldn't have to testify against her.

Things started to get more complicated when Ted's ex-girlfriend Laken Lockridge returned to town. At the same time, Hayley was raped by an unknown attacker. [ [ Hayley is raped] ] She sought comfort in Ted, who couldn't be around her anymore. Hayley then ended up with Jake Morton. They started a relationship and Ted eventually divorced Hayley so the happy couple could enjoy their lives. Unfortunately, early in 1988, Hayley was murdered by Carmen Castillo's boyfriend in a road accident. [ [ Hayley is murdered] ]

Phyllis Blake

"Stella Stevens (November 27 1989 - December 27 1990)"

The mother of Gina DeMott made her first appearance in town at the end of 1989, when she joined her daughter at the Lockridge mansion, hoping that Gina had forgotten the past that the two shared together. Phyllis immediately decided to take control of Gina's life. After learning that Gina is having an affair with Ethan Asher, Phyllis manages to get hired as his secretary and she starts investigating Ethan's wife Laura. She learns that Laura murdered a person and then starts blackmailing Laura, but Gina convinces her to stop. At the same time, Phyllis had been spending a lot of money on betting, which later turns out to be a big shock for Gina after the Lockridge mansion burns down and the women are left broke. Gina then started pretending to be blind, and Phyllis helped her smuggle paintings out of the Capwell mansion, but they were both stopped by C.C. Capwell. Phyllis then realized that she brings nothing but trouble to her daughter and she decided to leave town.

ummer Blake

"Jonna Leigh Stack (September 27 1984 - January 14 1985)"

Pearl Bradford

"Robert Thaler (October 31 1985 - 1988)"

Brandon DeMott Capwell

"Scott Curtis (September 20 1984 - August 16 1985)"
"Brandon Call (August 19 1985 - June 11 1987)"
"David Zebulon (October 29 - November 4 1985)
"Brian Autenrieth (December 19 1985 - January 6 1986)
"Justin Gocke (August 1987 - 1992)"

Brandon came to Santa Barbara in later 1984 with his presumed-mother Gina DeMott, and was immediately placed in the center of happenings. Santana Andrade learned that Brandon was her son and she was keen on getting him, but Gina was also fighting to keep Brandon for herself. [ [ Gina kidnaps Brandon] ] C.C., who learned that Brandon was the son of his favorite son Channing Capwell Jr., decided to let Gina stay at his mansion. [ [ Brandon learns about his paternity] ] Santana continued fighting to get her son and she ended up winning him in 1986. [ [ C.C. gives Brandon to Santana] ] Eventually, Santana was put in a rehabilitation center when Gina made it seem like she was a pill addict.

Brandon ended up being a victim of an accomplice of video rapist, and he fell into a coma, but was rescued by Eden Capwell and Cruz Castillo. Brandon accidentally found out that he was adopted in 1989. He forgave Gina for lying to him, and later bonded with Santana as his real mother. Brandon was one of the rare child characters that never underwent "SORAS".

Courtney Capwell

"Julia Campbell (March 12 - December 18 1986)"

Courtney arrived in town in March 1986 with her sister Madeline. For years, Courtney was in the shadow of her sister, a seductress, but when her sister was murdered soon after arriving in town, [ [ Madeline is murdered] ] Courtney got a chance to show her potential. The murder investigation began and Courtney was keen on revealing who murdered her sister. She got aid from David Raymond and eventually fell in love with Pearl Bradford, who never shared her feelings. As time passed, Pearl's brother Brian came to a stunning conclusion and Courtney then went crazy. She admitted that she murdered her sister, and she managed to escape from town. She was never caught.

ophia Wayne Capwell

"Rosemary Forsyth (August 2 - October 26 1984)"
"Judith McConnell (October 29 1984 - January 15 1993)"

Rafael Castillo

"Henry Darrow (June 6 1989 - May 8 1990; September 4 1991 - April 30 1992)"
"Castullo Guerra (July 15 - September 18 1992)"

Rafael Castillo, the father that gave up Cruz Castillo as a child years ago, found his way back to Santa Barbara in the middle of 1989. Cruz, Eden Capwell and Ric Castillo had found in him working as a prisoner of a magician in Mexico, and were forced to somehow save him, and his son Ric murdered the evil magician only to reunite his parents. Rafael then came back to Santa Barbara. Keen on making things right with Cruz and Ric, Rafael started a completely different life in town. Eventually, Rafael left town after least than a year, but a year after, he found his way back to town, this time with a different storyline. Rafael had started a relationship with Rosa Andrade, a maid of the wealthy Capwell family. Plus, in 1992, he revealed that he has an illegitimate son, Rafe Castillo, who then came to Santa Barbara. They worked on building a relationship, but Rafael then disappeared from the screens in September 1992.

Rafe Castillo

"Robert Fontaine Jr. (March 18 1992 - January 10 1993)"

Rafe was a part of the final teen set of the show. He came in "Santa Barbara" in 1992 and was welcomed by Rafael. Rafe was Rafael's illegitimate son. At the time, Rafe had an affair with a woman whose husband was trying to track down Rafe and even attacked him, but things worked out fine. Rafe fell in love with Lily Blake, but she didn't share his feelings in the beginning. Meanwhile, Lisa Fenimore wanted to seduce Rafe, so after their night together, she lied to him that she was pregnant. Without a possible solution, Rafe was forced to marry Lisa, who had hired an actor to play the priest at their wedding. Rafe wasn't happy in the marriage and it was eventually revealed that Lisa had faked the ceremony. Rafe then left town.

Ric Castillo

"Peter Love (May 3 1989 - November 1 1990)"

Ric, the brother of Cruz Castillo, first appeared on the show when Eden and Kelly Capwell went to Paris to find Eden's lost daughter. Ric was, at the time, married to a woman named Hollis who got a child from the black market and named the child Charisse, not realizing that Charisse is actually Adriana. When Eden and Cruz claimed the paternity of the child, Hollis committed suicide, and Ric was left alone. Filled with anger and revenge, Ric moved to Santa Barbara and stated dating Sandra Mills, a girl that was desperately in love with his brother Cruz. Ric was on the road of self destruction and he eventually realized that hate will get him nowhere. He then finally found love again with Kelly Capwell. [ [ Ric and Kelly] ]

Ric, Eden and Cruz found Ric's and Cruz's father Rafael working as a prisoner of a magician and Ric was forced to shoot the dangerous man to finally reunite his father with his mother. When things calmed down, Ric was forced to work as an agent. He revealed a part of the history of Robert Barr, who then turned the tables on him by revealing his past. Kelly, thinking that Ric isn't faithful anymore, broke up with him and Ric couldn't explain the truth to her. Ric then found love in Tawny Richards, the daughter of a wealthy businessman Harland Richards. After finding out about his mother's affair with Harland, Ric realized that he and Tawny were half-brother and sister and then left town.

Jeffrey Conrad

"Ross Kettle (December 11 1986 - January 5 1989)"

Kirk Cranston

"Joseph Bottoms (September 23 1985 - April 21 1986; December 9 - December 17 1987; March 24 - April 7 1989)"
"Robert Newman" (April 22 - May 30 1986)Arrived in Santa Barbara in 1985. Kirk worked for the Capwells and married Eden. Kirk was really a evil man, whose true colors soon started to show. Was hauled off to jail in 1986. Returned in 1987, to get revenge on Eden and Cruz. Framed Cruz for Elana's murder. Was captured by Cruz and Kirk revealed that Cruz didn't kill anybody, and Cruz was cleared of murder charges. Returned agian in 1989, to be the mastermind behind Cruz and Eden's baby's kidnapping. Was arrested by Cruz agian. Returned for the last time in 1990, and Captured Cruz and left him for dead, only to be killed himself.

T.J. Daniels

"Christopher Mayer (November 17 1987 - April 21 1989)"

T.J. was a gigolo playing a ski instructor to attract women. At the time of his arrival, Laken Lockridge had just broken up with Ted Capwell, and the two started a brief romance together when T.J. saved Laken from a car crash. Laken left town soon, so T.J. set his sights on Sophia Wayne, and they began an affair together. [ [ Sophia and T.J.] ] However, T.J.'s past as a gigolo comes back to haunt him when he has to pay off debts. T.J. was then paid by Pamela Conrad to separate Kelly Capwell and her son Jeffrey. [ [ C.C. kicks T.J. out] ] T.J. began doing his dirty deeds but was stopped by Sophia who realized what T.J. had been doing all along. T.J. then set his sights on a woman named Buffy to come closer to the Capwell's. In a confrontation with Jeffrey, T.J. hit him so hard that Jeffrey ended up paralyzed. He once again tried to execute his plan to finish off Kelly, but after realizing that he doesn't have much luck in town, he, like many others, decided to leave town.

Aurora DeAngelis

"Christina Brascia (May 8 1992 - January 15 1993)"

Aurora DeAngelis came in town before her mysterious father Micah. She was the part of the very last teen set of the show. She fell in love with Sawyer Walker, also a newly introduced character, and she encourages Sawyer to follow his dreams, but their adventures leaded both of them into trouble. Meanwhile, Aurora was involved in the Ballymoor mansion storyline in which her grandma had terrorized Julia Wainwright Capwell, Samantha Capwell, Mason Capwell, Suzanne Collier and other. Angela and Sawyer ended up together at the end of the series. The character was explored deeply because the show ended only a few months after Aurora joined the show.

Micah DeAngelis

"Thaao Penghlis (May 8 1992 - January 15 1993)"

Micah DeAngelis was a mysterious character that made his first appearance in Santa Barbara on a train, where he introduced himself as Dr. Markus Disgrazia to Julia Wainwright Capwell and her daughter Samantha. Samantha had symptoms of a very deadly illness, but nobody knew what was going on with her. While hiding his true identity, Micah wanted to help Samantha by using alternative medicine, but Samantha's father Mason didn't approve. At the very last minute, Micah managed to save Samantha's life. It was then revealed that Markus is actually Micah DeAngelis, the son of the woman that terrorized the residents of the Ballymoor mansion. When things finally settled down, Micah entered a relationship with Jodie DeWitt Walker, a woman who had recently divorced her husband, but eventually Jodie returned to Reese. Micah was also at the time fighting with the fact that his son Giovanni decided to be a priest.

Heather Donnelly

"Jane A. Rogers (April 25 1988 - October 13 1989)"

Dr. Heather Donnelly first arrived to Santa Barbara as a hypnotist of Dr. Scott Clark, a man who was searching for the truth about the murder of his uncle Hal. After Scott realized that the murderer was Pamela Conrad, he wanted to thank Heather for her help, and they went out on a date which turned out to be action-packed from the get go. Heather and Scott found out about a hostage situation at the Capwell mansion and went to the rescue.

Scott and Heather fell in love and it seemed like there wasn't anything that could keep them apart, so they even started living together. However, the arrival of Celeste DiNapoli, Scott's ex, made Scott leave Heather. Heather ended up pregnant with Scott's child, but she refused to have any contact with Scott anymore. The couple started custody battle over little Michael, and Heather ended up forgiving Scott and moving to Chicago.

Christy DuVall

"Tricia Cast (May 10 1985 - 1985)"

Lisa Fenimore

"Leslie Ryan (March 3 - April 8 1992)"
"Bridgette Wilson (April 10 1992 - January 11 1993)"

Lisa Fenimore was a part of the final teen set of Santa Barbara. A beautiful girl seduced Rafe Castillo at his arrival in town and immediately wanted him for herself. Realizing that Rafe had a deep connection with Lily Blake, Lisa decided to do whatever she needed to do to get Rafe, even lying to him about being pregnant. Rafe, realizing that there is no other way out, decided to marry Lisa. However, Lisa hired an actor to play the role of the priest and therefore their marriage was not valid, but nobody else knew about it. Time flew by, and Lisa was forced to realize that Rafe would never love her. She ended up confessing her lies and she lost Rafe eventually, who then left town.

Cain Garver

"Scott Jaeck (April 20 1987 - November 22 1988)"

Veronica Gayley

"Andrea Howard (August 3 1984 - January 29 1985)"

Amado Gonzales

"Rawley Valverde (April 4 1990 - September 24 1991)"

Amado came to Santa Barbara in 1990. He was presented as the brother of Nikki Alvarez, and he soon fell in love with Laken Lockridge, who had just came out of a bad relationship. Amado was kidnapped by the members of drug trafficking that were haunting his sister Nikki, but he was eventually rescued when Cruz Castillo managed to free Nikki and her boyfriend Michael Donnelly. Amado appeared shortly on the show, only to end up murdered at the Capwell mansion. [ [ Amado is murdered] ] His murder was followed by a long murder investigation, and the major suspect in the case was Mason Capwell. Laken, who was dating Amado at the time, left town after Amado's death. It was later proved that Amado was murdered by Craig Hunt.

Derek Griffin

"James Healy (January 19 - July 18 1990)"

Derek was one of the so-called fourth orphans who were introduced to the show in 1990. Keen on avenging the death of Cassandra Benedict, without knowing that she is actually alive, Derek sets out to infiltrate the main society of Santa Barbara undercover. Derek made friends with Julia Wainwright and C.C. Capwell and even tried to seduce C.C.'s daughter Kelly Capwell, but he was mostly concentrated on executing his plan. He claimed that Mason Capwell was responsible for Cassandra's murder and he set out to kill Mason, but Craig Hunt stopped him. Later, Derek tried to kill Mason once again, but Cassie managed to stop him, and he was then sent to prison.

Dylan Hartley

"Page Moseley (October 7 1985 - May 20 1986)"

Nick Hartley

"David Haskell (April 30 1985 - May 27 1986)"

Greg Hughes

"Paul Johansson (April 11 1989 - February 12 1990)"

Craig Hunt

"John Callahan (August 7 1989 - January 27 1992)"

A former ally of a mob boss Anthony Tonnell, and one of the four orphans that found their way to Santa Barbara, was Craig Hunt. Considered the most dangerous out of all of them, Craig infiltrated the Capwell family by making friends with C.C. Capwell and seducing Kelly Capwell, all the time looking for a way to avenge the death of Cassandra Benedict. The main suspect was Mason Capwell, and Craig set out to kill him, but instead he murdered Amado Gonzales, [ [ Craig wants to kill Mason] ] and a huge murder investigation was later started to find the murderer. Craig also blew up the newspaper office led by Warren Lockridge, and when Angela Raymond learned about it, Craig wanted to finish her off. Cassie managed to find a way to convince Craig to stop his wrath, and he was then sent to prison.

Alice Jackson

"Marie-Alise Recasner (May 27 1986 - April 8 1987)"

Andie Klein

"Krista Tesreau (August 20 1992 - January 15 1993)"

Andie was one of the final characters introduced before the show's demise. She entered the world of Santa Barbara as a mistress to Ken Mathis, a man who managed to sway Sophia Wayne into marrying him. The couple secretly had an affair for a few months, but Andie refused to sit still while Ken was having his cake and eating it too. She found love in Reese Walker, a man who had recently left his wife Jodie DeWitt, but their love never took because Reese was still in love with his wife. Andie then turned crazy, poisoned Ken who later died and escaped from the prison. In the very last episode, Andie threatened the wedding of Warren Lockridge and B.J. Walker with a rifle, but was stopped in time by Connor McCabe.

J. Stanfield Lee

"Joel Crothers (April 10 - July 31 1985)"

Caroline Wilson Lockridge

"Lenore Kasdorf (October 6 1986 - July 1 1987)"

Gina Blake Lockridge

"Linda Gibboney (September 20 1984 - December 9 1985)"
"Robin Mattson (December 10 1985 - January 15 1993)"

Minx Lockridge

"Judith Anderson (July 30 1984 - March 24 1987)"
"Janis Paige (October 10 1990 - January 15 1993)

Minx was the mother of Lionel Lockridge and was the rival of the Capwell family. As she was the mother of Lionel, she was in essence, the head of the Lockridge family. She was a tough woman, but she did love her family.

Ken Mathis

"Mark McCoy (March 12 1992 - January 9 1993)"

Ken Mathis entered the world of Santa Barbara in the middle of 1992. In a sea of changes, new characters arrived at the scene. Ken was a gymnastics professor who managed to charm Sophia Wayne. The two began a short relationship which eventually led to Ken convincing Sophia to marrying him. What Sophia had not known was the fact that Ken only married her to get money. He was slowly poisoning Sophia and working on changing her will so that everything would be left to him. Meanwhile, Ken had an affair with Andie Klein, but she eventually resisted his charm and sought attention in other places. Sophia's ex-husband C.C. Capwell was suspicious of Ken, but was never able to prove Ken's lies. [ [ Sophia, Ken and C.C.] ] When the truth was finally revealed, Andie managed to find a way to escape prison - by murdering Ken.

Connor McCabe

"Charles Grant (August 11 1992 - January 15 1993)"

Joining the show in it's final months of air, Connor McCabe immediately proved himself to be a valuable member of the Santa Barbara police department. He heavily worked on resolving the Frank Goodman murder case, and he replaced Cruz Castillo as the local hero. Cruz had just recently left the town to protect his daughter. When the trial ended, Connor romanced Kelly Capwell, but it was a bit hard for her because she still had feelings for Cruz. However, they ended up together in the final moments of the series. The character was never deeply explored due to lack of time. [ [ Final Connor and Kelly] ]

Mark McCormick

"Jon Lindstrom (November 14 1985 - July 30 1986)"

Mary Duvall McCormick

"Harley Jane Kozak (June 25 1985 - July 15 1986; February 21 - February 22 1989)"

Mary was a former nun who had met perhaps one of the most unusual deaths in all of Soap Operadom. She sadly met her end when the C of the Capwell hotel fell on top of her, crushing her.

Dash Nichols

"Timothy Gibbs (August 3 1990 - January 27 1992)"

When the "Blue Sky Brigade" was introduced in 1990, Dash made his first appearance as one of the supporters of the movement, also working as a doctor. To help out the brigade, Dash hired Julia Wainwright to help him fight the court battle against Capwell Enterprises, the supporters of the Oasis project, which would harm the nature. Mason Capwell, who had started drinking again, suspected that Julia and Dash were having an affair, so his marriage ended, and Julia and Dash spent a night together. A day later, Julia regrets making love to Dash, but he, thinking she doesn't really believe it, forces her to make love to him again.

Julia, shaken up by Dash's actions, accuses him of rape and the event is taken to court, where Dash is forced to re-live the events of the death of his former patient. Dash was set free, and Julia took the matter in her own hands by kidnapping him and forcing him to admit what he did to her. Even though he finally admitted what he did, Dash wasn't aware of his behavior until he saved a woman from rape one day. Keen on making things right, Dash decides to help out Katrina Rukyer, and they begin a love story constantly interrupted by C.C.'s belief that Dash is a dangerous person. When he lost his job, Dash left town to find a job. Katrina stayed in town for awhile, but later left and announced that she'll stop by Dash's.

Alex Nikolas

"Michael Durrell (March 11 1987 - January 25 1988)"

Alex came to town at the time of the wedding of C.C. Capwell and Sophia Wayne. He immediately made friends with C.C., but nobody knew the hatred that he felt for him, until Alex met people who shared his feelings for C.C. It is Mason Capwell, Gina DeMott and Jeffrey Conrad who didn't like C.C. either for his behavior, or the way he handled his ex-wife Pamela Conrad. Alex was a doctor working on a medicine that could cure the illness that Caroline Wilson Lockridge had. He warned people not to take the serum before he could test it, but people including Lionel Loclridge, Gina and Keith Timmons stole it and gave it to Caroline, who then died from the effects of the serum.

When Alex's adopted daughter Elena Nikolas made her way in town, she terrorized Eden Capwell, even leading others to believe that she was dead. It was revealed that Elena is actually the daughter of C.C. Capwell and Pamela Conrad. When Elena was mysteriously murdered, Alex was one of the suspects and he even accused himself of murdering her, but it was later revealed that she shot herself. At the same time, Pamela returned to Santa Barbara but she didn't have feelings for Alex, who then decided to leave.

Elena Nikolas

"Sherilyn Wolter (April 10 - September 28 1987)"

Jackie Baldwin Parks

"Martina Deignan (January 3 - May 8 1985)"

When she made her first appearance on the show, Jackie immediately won the hearts of the viewers. She was a very tender and interesting person, and she immediately made friends with Amy Perkins. Jackie was, at the time, waiting for her husband Larry to return. She got a job as a teacher at the Santa Barbara school. When Peter Flint kidnapped Amy Perkins, Jackie found out that Larry returned to town and the couple had not time for a reunion because they had to somehow help their friends. When the situation was finally resolved, Jackie was forced to see Larry leave again, but that would be the last time she saw him. A month or two after his departure, Jackie learned that Larry was killed, and she then left town.

Elizabeth Peale

"Lauren Chase (December 12 1984 - March 5 1985)

Jade Perkins

"Melissa Reeves (July 30 1984 - August 9 1985)"

Jade was Joe Perkins' youngest sister, and a valuable member of the very first teen storyline. Along with Danny Andrade, Ted Capwell and Laken Lockridge, Jade tried out her luck in Hollywood as a star, only to end up learning a valuable lesson with a sleazy movie producer, after being warned about his by Peaches DeLight, a movie star. She then returned to Santa Barbara with the rest of the teen set and they found themselves a place to hangout, and started college. Danny and Jade were in love with each other. With time, after her brother Joe died in the hospital, Jade was phased out and later forgotten about.

Joe Perkins

"Dane Witherspoon (July 30 - October 30 1984)"
"Mark Arnold (October 31 1984 - March 1 1985)"

Joe was perhaps one of the first profile characters in the show. He had returned from prison, (after supposedly murdering Channing Capwell, Jr.) to see his former fiancee, Kelly Capwell, marrying Peter Flint. It later came out that it was Channing's own mother, Sophia, who had shot him and killed him. Joe later on DID marry Kelly, but died in the hospital. After his death, the Perkins family were phased out.

John Perkins

"Robert Alan Browne (July 30 - November 13 1984)"

Marisa Perkins

"Valorie Armstrong (July 30 1984 - April 26 1985; December 25 1985)"

Marisa was the matriarch of the Perkins family. She was the mother of Joe and Jade Perkins; and the wife of Blue-collar, John Perkins.

David Raymond

"John Beck (July 8 1991 - July 1 1992)"

Tawny Richards

"Julie St. Claire (April 13 - November 1 1990)"

Tawny Richards was the daughter of a wealthy businessman Harland Richards and Gretchen Richards. She came to town in 1990, only to exit the show in the same year, after both of her parents were written off the show. Tawny started dating Ric Castillo, and they were both surprised later when Ric found out that Tawny's father Harland had an affair with Ric's mother. After they learned they were half-siblings, they both left town.

Katrina Ruyker

"Maria Ellingsen (May 28 1991 - October 2 1992)"

tephen Slade

"Richard Hatch (January 12 - March 19 1990)"
"John O'Hurley (March 22 1990 - January 16 1991)"

Stephen Slade was one of the four orphans that made their way into Santa Barbara in 1990. He was a movie producer who led Sophia Capwell to accept acting in a movie production that turned out to be the exact adaptation of the Capwell family history. [ [ Sophia and Stephen] ] He also tried to avenge the death of Cassandra Benedict, but when Cassie returned home alive, she was keen on stopping Stephen from going through with the movie production. She burned the manuscript and stopped everything. Stephen then tried to seduce Cassie, but she rejected him, and then Stephen decided to leave town.

Jodie DeWitt Walker

"Kim Zimmer (March 27 1992 - January 15 1993)"

Jodie DeWitt Walker first appeared on Santa Barbara in early 1992, [ [ Jodie arrives] ] and was a member of a new core family that moved to town. Jodie was a long-time friend of Cruz Castillo, who encouraged her and her husband Reese to come to town. Jodie has a lot to deal with when she arrived to town. She was stressed out when her job as a police officer came in between her taking care of her family. Her husband Reese was suspicious of Jodie's friendship with Cruz, her daughter B.J. was prosecuted for murder, [ [ Jodie comforts B.J.] ] and her son Sawyer escaped from town to pursue his dreams. When B.J.'s kidnapper Frank Goodman kidnapped Jodie and Cruz, Jodie revealed to Cruz that B.J. was actually his daughter. The news took a huge hit on Jodie's marriage, and both Reese and Jodie looked for comfort in other people. Jodie found love again with Micah DeAngelis, but she later realized that her one and only true love is Reese.

Reese Walker

"Forry Smith (March 27 1992 - January 15 1993)"

Reese Walker came to Santa Barbara in early 1992, [ [ Reese arrives] ] following his wife's wish to come back to town. Both he and his wife Jodie were police officers, and neither of them knew of the trouble that was waiting for them in town. Reese was always suspicious of Cruz and Jodie's friendship, and when he learned that B.J. isn't actually his daughter, their marriage was shred to pieces. At the same time, Reese had to fight with the fact that B.J. was abused by a close friend Frank Goodman, and he tried to find his son Sawyer who escaped to find himself. Reese found comfort in Andie Klein, a mistress of Ken Mathis, but later he realized that he loved his wife and they reunited.

awyer Walker

"Eric Close (March 3 1992 - January 15 1993)"

Amy Perkins Wallace

"Kerry Sherman (October 16 1984 - September 12 1986)"

Brick Wallace

"Richard Eden (October 11 1984 - October 26 1987)"

Jane Wilson

"Jane Sibbett (May 20 1986 - October 26 1987)"

When she first came to town, Jane was working on the same radio station where Ted Capwell was working as a disc jockey. Jane had a strong personality, yet nobody knew that in her spare time, Jane turned herself into a vamp named Roxanne who then teased people around town. As a child, Jane was bothered by her mother, whom she met again in Santa Barbara. Jane soon falls in love with Lionel Lockridge, with whom she shares an interest in paleontology, but Lionel, realizing that the difference in age is too strong, decides to push her in the arms of his son Warren. [ [ Jane in a mask] ]

Lionel then fell in love with Jane's mother Caroline, and she did her best to separate them, especially after she found out about her mother's child named Alice Jackson. Jane found out that Alice was the daughter of Gus Jackson, a man who recently left prison. Jane tried to plot against her mother, but after realizing that her mother has a deathly illness, she forgave her and even encouraged Lionel to marry her. Later, Jane fell in love with Brick Wallace, who recently lost his love Amy Perkins. The two started bonding and eventually left town together when Brick got a good job offer out of town.

Minor characters

*Margot Collins played by "Eva LaRue (1987)" - Margot was short-term contract role, a waitress working at "The Lair" who was Ted Capwell's friend.
*Celeste DiNapoli played by "Signy Coleman (1988–1989)" - Celeste was Scott Clark's ex-girlfriend who broke up Scott and Heather when Heather was pregnant. Scott dumped her after learning that Celeste had become a hooker.
*Maggie Gillis played by "Suzanne Marshall (1985)" - Maggie started working at the Santa Barbara police station along with Cruz during the carnation killer storyline. After facing a few tough days as a cop, Maggie seeks comfort in Warren Lockridge, but their relationship never went anywhere because Maggie refused to leave her wheelchair-bound husband for Warren.
*Phillip Hamilton played by "Warren Burton (1988–1989)" - Major Phillip was Cain's Vietnam war superior who desperately tried to win over Andrea Bedford for himself, and was one of the suspects when she was murdered.
*Zach Kelton played by "Leigh J. McCloskey (1988–1989)" - Dr. Zach Kelton was a gynaecologist, later revealed to be the video rapist that terrorized the women of Santa Barbara, including Eden Capwell. He died after falling off a cliff.
*Jake Morton played by "Rick Edwards (1987–1988)" - After getting raped, Hayley Benson couldn't face her boyfriend Ted Capwell, so she sought comfort in the arms of Jake Morton. The couple fell in love, and Hayley and Ted divorced, but Hayley was soon killed, and Jake left town afterwards.
*Lydia Saunders played by "Jeanna Michaels (1988–1989)" - Lydia was a journalist that worked along with Eden, and a had a short fling with her father C.C.
*Bunny Tagliatti played by "Joe Marinelli (1988–1990)" - Bunny was a mobster that liked to dress up as a woman. He had a crush on Gina.


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