FAP 2026

FAP 2026

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The FAP 2026 is a general purpose off-road 6x6 truck, produced at the Fabrika automobila Priboj, Serbia for use in the Yugoslav Peoples Army. Introduced in 1978, it is still in production today. The wheel arrangement for the FAP 2026 was designed for transportation of cargoes, people and towing trailers on all types of roads and terrain. It's used by all armies of ex-Yugoslavia in variouse variants, like moblyle GIRAFFE Radar, M-77 Oganj MLRS and others. Many were exported to Saudi Arabia.

Technical characteristics of the aggregates


*Engine type MERCEDES BENZ OM 906 LA EURO 3
*No. of cylinder 6 in-line
*Bore/Stroke (mm) 102/130
*Displacement (cm3) 6.370
*Output power (kW/HP) 205/279
*At speeds (rpm) 2.200
*Max. torque (Nm) 1.100
*At speeds (rpm) 1.200-1.600
*Type 16MS-120, 16-speed, synchromesh
*Rated inlet torque 1200 Nm
*Transmission ratio: 13.68; 11.64; 9.4; 8.0; 6.73; 5.73; 4.79; 4.07; 3.36; 2.89; 2.31; 1.96; 1.65; 1.41; 1.18; 1.0
*Reverse 11.06; 9.41
*PTO PP 80 / 3C
*PTO application for winch drive
*Timing gear
*Type - mechanic, differential with three axles and two gear ratios:
*Gear ratio
*On-road (direct) 1 : 1
*Off-road (reduced) 1 : 1.6
*Propeller shafts
*Type - tubular, open, with universal joints (needle bearings in the joints) with protected telescopic connection, *without retaining bearings.
*Drive axles
*Type - Banjo, with fully unloaded axle shafts.
*Front axle is steering.
*Total transmission ratio 9.4


*Type short tipping
*Construction metal, tipping
*Number of seats 2
*Driver's seat single parts
*Cab insulation made on the internal side with special insulation of the bonnet on the lower side
*Ventilation wing window on doors and roof opening
*Heating by hot air from engine, through heater and fan
*Wipers electric


*Type with warm reducer and hydraulic power transfer
*Rope total length 86 m, ø 16 mm
*Towing force on the first drum winding 100.000 N +/- 10 %

Wheels and tyres

*No. of wheels 6+1 (2 in front, 4 at rear)
*Type of wheel 2-part with flat rim
*Rim size 11.25 - 21
*Tyre type 15.00 - 21, special construction with pressure regulation dependent on terrain


*The vehicle is equipped with set of tools, accessories and spare parts.

Electric equipment

*Rated voltage 24 V Two batteries, capacity 143 Ah
*Generator alternator with full radio interference, water proof, rated power 28 V, 85 A, positioned on the engine right side
*Alternator regulator with full radio interference, 28V
*Electric starter water proof, 24V, of 4.8 kW. [ [http://www.ffbkomerc.co.yu/specvoz3.htm FFB Komerc - Specijalna Vozila - FAP 2026 BS/AV ] ]


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