Asian cockroach

Asian cockroach

name = Asian cockroach

image_caption =
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Arthropoda
classis = Insecta
ordo = Blattodea
familia = Blattellidae
genus = "Blattella"
species = "asahinai"
binomial = "Blattella asahinai"
binomial_authority = Mizukubo, 1981

The Asian cockroach ("Blattella asahinai") was first described in 1981 from insects collected on Okinawa Island, JapanRichman D. [ Asian cockroach. "Blattella asahinai" Mizukubo.] "Featured Creatures". March 2008. Last accessed 2008-08-08] . It is nearly identical to the German cockroach except for a few minor morphological differences. Like the German cockroach it is about 5/8 inch (1.6cm) long, is tan to brown in color, and has wings. However, its wings are longer than the German cockroach, and there is a difference between a groove in the abdomen between the two species. There are other differences. The quickest way to tell the difference between the two species in that the Asian cockroach is a strong flyer (almost like a moth) and is attracted to light, unlike the German cockroachRichman D. [ Asian cockroach. "Blattella asahinai" Mizukubo.] "Featured Creatures". March 2008. Last accessed 2008-08-08] .

This species tends to prefer the outdoors, whereas the German cockroach prefers living indoors.

It is found in tropical and subtropical climates, and was first identified in the United States in 1986 in Lakeland, Florida. It has since expanded throughout much of Florida and is spreading into other southern states. In addition to Florida, it is reported in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and TexasRichman D. [ Asian cockroach. "Blattella asahinai" Mizukubo.] "Featured Creatures". March 2008. Last accessed 2008-08-08] .

Its population reaches it zenith in late August and declines rapidly with the onset of cool weather (Snoddy and Appel 2007). During adverse weather conditions such as cold weather or dry conditions the Asian cockroach will burrow down into the leaf litter (Snoddy and Appel 2007).

According to entomologist Bob Pfannenstiel (Beneficial Insects Research Unit, Weslaco, Texas), this omnivorous species also feeds, under certain conditions, on the eggs of lepidopteran pests of annual crops. Asian cockroaches ventured west into Texas in 2006, and became the most common predator of bollworm eggs in the state's Rio Grande Valley region. The bollworm threatens cotton, soybean, corn and tomato crops. [ [­/releases/2008/01/080106132313.htm US Department of Agriculture (2008, January 7). Asian Cockroaches Could Aid Texas Growers. ScienceDaily. Retrieved March 6, 2008] ]


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