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"Alternative Press Review" (byline: "Your guide beyond the mainstream") is an independent American magazine established in 1994 as a sister periodical to "". As of 2002, its editorial collective consisted of Jason McQuinn ("Anarchy"), Chuck Munson ( and Thomas Wheeler ("Out of Bounds"). [cite web
title=McQuinn, Munson and Wheeler: Killing for the Flag
] Munson was co-editor and reviewer from 1997-2003, when he was replaced by Allan Antliff.

The magazine's chief concerns, according to "New Statesman" are "sex, other media and the CIA". Contributors to the review have included McQuinn, Noam Chomsky and Harold Pinter. It was criticized by Kirsten Anderberg in a 2005 issue for the fact that its contributors were overwhelmingly male, a phenomenon that according by Wheeler is a result of low numbers of submissions from female writes.cite journal
journal=Alternative Press Review
title=The alternative press is alternative because of what it does, Not because of the social classifications of its participants
coauthors=Anderberg, Kirsten
] McQuinn responded to Anderberg by stating that the gender of writers and publishers within socially-conscious alternative and radical media was "simply irrelevant".

The review was described in 1994 by the "Atlanta Journal-Constitution" as " [c] loser to the edge of the magazine world, and not quite as articulate as the "Utne Reader" [cite news |date=1994-11-29 |title=South Carolina seeks compromise on flag |work=Atlanta Journal-Constitution |pages=E/3 |accessdate=2008-03-07 ] – the magazine's main rival and market leader. Ian Hargreaves, writing in the "New Statesman" in 1998, called the magazine "the real rivet-spitter on the block" of alternative media,cite journal |last=Hargreaves |first=Ian |authorlink=Ian Hargreaves |date=1998-11-20 |title=The US left-wing mags are thriving, but don't go on their cruises |journal=New Statesman |url= |accessdate=2008-03-07 ] while a 1999 "OC Weekly" feature hailed it as "the essential nutrient missing from one’s daily McMedia diet of misinformation and disinformation." [cite journal
title=The Zine Scene
journal=OC Weekly


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