Infobox Education in Canada
name= MIND High School

streetaddress= 4563 St. Urbain
city= Montreal
province= Quebec
postalcode= H2T 2V9
publictransit= 11/97 bus west from Mont Royal metro station; get off at St. Urbain and turn right.
url= http://www.emsb.qc.ca/mind/
schoolboard= English Montreal School Board
principal= Artemis Maravei
viceprincipal= Patrice Asselin
viceprincipal_label=Head Teacher
staff= 7
schooltype= Alternative high school
grades= 9-11 (secondaries III-V)
language= English
area= The Plateau.
founded= 1975
enrollment= approximately 65

MIND (Moving In New Directions) (est. 1975) is an alternative education high school in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Its reputation stems from its community-based programs and its composition of students who feel that they are "unusual" who can not fit into regular school environments, and are accepting of others regardless of thinking habits, personal beliefs or physical makeup.

MIND is a partnership between the English Montreal School Board (EMSB) and McGill University's Faculty of Education. The program focuses on providing critical thinking and enriched education through alternative teaching methods.


Founded in 1975 with 125 students from the entire PSBGM (Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal) and 7 staff, MIND was originally known simply as "The Alternative High School" and was located primarily on the third floor (with a few classes on the second floor) of the International YMCA at the corner of Parc Avenue and St. Viateur.
A vote was held by the community (students, staff and parents/guardians each had one vote), and "MIND" (Moving In New Directions) was declared the new name of the school. Early community votes dealt with use a recreational drugs at school (rejected), smoking during class (eventually banned on the third floor only), world poverty and debt (no resolution) and student apathy (a surprisingly large meeting with no real solution). Community meetings were held weekly and home group meetings were held every Monday morning.

Shortly after, MIND moved to the third floor of the old High School of Montreal building on University Street, which was otherwise occupied by the arts-oriented high school F.A.C.E.. Staff consisted of eight teachers including one head teacher, and approximately 133 students in grades 9-11 (secondary III-V). MIND currently has five teachers and 65 students.

In 1999, MIND moved to its current location in the top floor of the Bancroft elementary school building at Mont Royal and St. Urbain, in the shadow of Mount Royal. In 2003, MIND organized its first soccer team, and was soundly trumped by all of its competitors. The team's uniforms were black and white, with no logo.

External links

* [http://www.emsb.qc.ca/Mind/ MIND High School website]
* [http://www.emsb.qc.ca/en/schools_en/pages/highschool.asp?id=2 English Montreal School Board: M.I.N.D. High School]

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