List of Islamic texts

List of Islamic texts





# "Tafsir ibn Kathir" (by Ibn Kathir)
# "Tafsir al-Tabari" (by Tabari)
# "Al Kordobi"
# "Tafseer-e-kabir" (by Imam Razi)
# "Tafheem-al-Quran" (by Maulana Maududi)
# "Tafseer e Kabeer" (by Mirza Basheer-ud-Din Ahmad)


Hadith (Traditions of The Prophet)

* The "Al-Sihah al-Sittah":# al-Bukhari (d. 870) included 7275 hadiths:# Muslim b. al-Hajjaj (d. 875) included 9200.:# Abu Da'ud (d. 888):# al-Tirmidhi (d. 892):# al-Nasa'i (d. 915):# Ibn Maja (d. 886).

* Other than Al-Sihah al-Sittah:# Muwatta of Imam Malik:# Musnad Ahmad:# Musnad Ibn Hanbal:# Sunan Baheeqi:# Sunan Darami

* An-Nawawi
* Shia Collections

Sira (Biographies of Muhammad)

* Ibn Ishaq

Books by Companions

Nahj al Balagha( By Ali ibn Abi Talib )

Fiqh/Sharia (Jurispudence/Religious law)


* Usl al-Fiqh
* Aqidah al-tahawiyya
* Bahar-e-Shariat


* Usool-e-kafi

Sufi texts

ee also

* Historiography of early Islam
* Sufi texts
* List of Sunni books
* List of Shia books

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