Bengal Army

Bengal Army

The Bengal Army was the army of the Presidency of Bengal, one of the three presidencies of British India within the British Empire. Although based in Bengal in north-eastern India, the presidency stretched across northern India and the Himalayas all the way to the North-West Frontier. The Bengal Army included some of the most famous units in India: Skinner's Horse from Bengal, the Gurkhas from the Himalayas and the Corps of Guides on the north-west frontier.

The presidency armies, like the presidencies themselves, belonged to the East India Company until the Indian Mutiny, when the British Crown took over all three presidencies.

In 1903 all three presidency armies were merged into the Indian Army.

Units (pre-Mutiny)


*Governor General's Bodyguard
*1st to 5th Bengal European Light Cavalry Regiments
*1st to 10th Bengal Light Cavalry Regiments
*1st Irregular Cavalry (Skinner's Horse)
*2nd to 18th Irregular Cavalry Regiments
*Jodhpore Legion Cavalry
*Bundelkhand Legion Cavalry
*Gwalior Contingent Cavalry
*Kotah Contingent Cavalry
*Bhopal Contingent Cavalry
*United Malwa Contingent Cavalry
*Ramgarh Irregular Cavalry
*Nagpore Irregular Cavalry
*1st to 3rd Oudh Irregular Cavalry Regiments
*1st, 2nd and 3rd Regiments of Hodson's Horse
*1st to 4th Sikh Irregular Cavalry Regiments
*The Jat Horse Yeomanry
*Rohilkhand Horse
*The Muttra Horse
*Alexander's Horse
*Barrow's Volunteers
*Behar Irregular Cavalry
*Belooch Horse
*Benares Horse
*Bengal Yeomanry Cavalry
*Calcutta Volunteer Guards
*De Kantzow's Irregular Cavalry
*Graham's Horse
*2nd Gwalior Cavalry
*2nd Gwalior Mahratta Horse
*H.H. The Guicowar's Horse
*Jackson's Volunteer Horse
*Jellandhar Cavalry
*Lahore Light Horse
*1st Mahratta Horse
*Meerut Light Horse
*Peshawar Light Horse
*Rajghazi Volunteer Cavalry
*The Volunteer Cavalry
*Lind's and Cureton's Risalahs of Pathan Horse
*2nd Mahratta Horse
*Fane's Horse
*The Corps of Guides, Punjab Irregular Force
*1st to 5th Regiments of Cavalry of the Punjab Irregular Force


*Bengal Horse Artillery
*Bengal European Foot Artillery
*Bengal Native Foot Artillery
*Punjab Horse Artillery, Punjab Irregular Force


*The Corps of Bengal Sappers and Miners
*The Sebundy Sappers and Miners


*1st Bengal (European) Fusiliers
*2nd Bengal (European) Fusiliers
*3rd Bengal (European) Light Infantry
*4th to 6th Bengal European Regiments
*1st Regiment of Punjab Bengal Native Infantry
*2nd to 74th Regiments of Bengal Native Infantry (including Goorkha 66th Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry)
*The Alipore Regiment The Ramgarh Light Infantry
*3rd Local Battalion
*The Sirmoor Rifle Regiment
*The Kamaoon Battalion
*1st Assam Light Infantry
*11th Sylhet Local Light Infantry
*The Mharwara Battalion
*2nd Assam Light Infantry
*Joudpore Legion
*Oudh Irregular Force
*Narbudda Sebundy Corps
*Shekhawati Battalion
*Harianna Light Infantry
*Regiment of Khelat-i-Gilzie
*Malwa Bheel Corps
*Kotah Contingent
*Mehidpore Contingent
*Gwalior Contingent
*Malwa Contingent
*Bhopal Contingent
*Regiment of Ferozepore
*Regiment of Ludhiana
*Camel Corps
*Nusseree Battalion
*Nagpore Irregular Force
*Deoli Irregular Force
*Regiment of Lucknow
*Mhair Regiment
*Kamroop Regiment
*Landhoor Rangers
*Kuppurthala Contingent
*1st and 2nd Gwalior Regiments
*Allahabad Levy
*Shahjehanpur Levy
*Cawnpore Levy
*Fatehgarh Levy
*Moradabad Levy
*Mynpoorie Levy
*Sealkote Infantry Levy
*Bareilly Levy
*Goojramwallah Levy
*Meerut Levy
*Kumaon Levy
*Agra Levy
*Cole and Sonthal Levy
*Rajpoot Levy
*Loyal Purbeah Regiment
*Corps of Guides, Punjab Irregular Force
*1st to 4th Sikh Infantry Regiments of the Punjab Irregular Force
*1st to 6th Infantry Regiments of the Punjab Irregular Force
*7th to 24th Regiments of Punjab Infantry, of which the 15th and 24th were pioneer regiments


*1st Bengal Military Police Battalion

ee also

* Presidency armies
* Bombay Army
* Madras Army

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