Judiciary of the Czech Republic

Judiciary of the Czech Republic

The judiciary of the Czech Republic is an independent branch of government. It is has three main divisions, all of which have distinct jurisdictions, defined both by the constitution and subsequent statute.

The Constitutional court primarily reviews cases in which a plaintiff's constitutional rights have been abridged.

The Administrative courts handle issues of legal procedure, as well as of political boundaries. For instance, if two government agencies are in a dispute over jurisdiction, they will likely have the matter adjudicated before an administrative court, unless Parliament takes the matter up legislatively. Also, administrative courts take care of questions of political eligibility, such as whether a person can stand for a particular office, or the registration of political parties.

Finally the regular courts, as headed by the Supreme Court, deal with matters of everyday law, making the majority of their case load issues of criminal law. This division of the judicial branch is perhaps the most complicated, being composed of superior, district, and regional courts.

The seat of the three highest courts (Constitutional, Supreme and Supreme Administrative) is Brno.

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