Supernatural (rapper)

Supernatural (rapper)

Supernatural (aka MC Supernatural) is a rapper known for his skills in freestyling. Hailing from Indiana, "Supernat" moved to NYC and soon became a New Yorker. Through the years, he became a legend in the realm of freestyle emcee battles.

He signed with Elektra Records and recorded an album titled "Natural Disasters." Supernatural had a falling out with Elektra and was subsequently dropped, leaving Natural Disasters unreleased until 2000, when it saw limited release (it is currently available via His battles with MC Juice and Craig G. have reached mythical status in the hip-hop world.

The first time Supernatural battled him, Craig G. won over the crowd. Using a line that revealed Supernatural's origin and referenced pop culture ("When you go back home to Indiana, get Mike Tyson out the slammer"), Craig G. delivered Supernatural the first major loss of his career as a freestyle battle rapper.

Supernatural later came back to rival Craig G. on April 23rd, (year?), Supernatural's (st?) birthday, but failed. Supernatural's story and performances were recorded in the documentary film "Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme" (Palm Pictures), which contains clips of his and Craig G.'s battle. It also shows clips of the legendary battle between Supernatural and MC Juice, one of the best freestylers ever broadcast on the Wake Up Show.

Supernatural defeated Juice in two of the three rounds but, in a controversial side of the story which was absent in "Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme", he asks to change the beat in the third round. He then tells the crowd he is being set up and that he is being given wack beats and then asks them to 'follow him out the valley' for a future performance.

He has released 2 albums. His latest is titled, "S.P.I.T. (Spiritual Poetry Ignites Thought)" (Up Above Records), which features Raekwon (of the Wu Tang Clan), B-Real (of Cypress Hill), and Chali 2na (of Jurassic 5).

On August 5, 2006, Supernatural attempted to set a new world record for the longest freestyle whilst hosting the Rock The Bells festival in San Bernardino, CA. Supernatural freestyled for over nine hours, breaking the original record of 8 hours 45 minutes set by D.O. of Canada, but not the 10 hours 34 minutes set by British emcee Ruffstylz in October 2003.

Trivia and appearances

* Supernatural's house was shown on the TV Show "MTV Cribs".Verify source|date=April 2007
* Supernatural was the MC of Midway's basketball game NBA Ballers.
* Supernatural is an avid New York Knicks fan and a boxing fan.
* He is shown in a music video opening in NBA Ballers.
* He has been on the show "Pimp My Ride".
* Besides Craig G. & J.U.I.C.E., Supernatural also battled the late Proof of D-12. No victor was established.
* His son is also a talented freestyle rapper. Supernatural showcases him at his shows.
* In 2003, his song 'Internationally Known' was featured as part of the soundtrack for the videogame Tony Hawk's Underground.
* Supernatural was part of Alien Nation alongside Phoenix Orion and Naptron before they parted ways. He appeared on the 2001 album Earth Defenders (Sci-Phi Records)
* Supernatural opened up for the Wu-Tang Clan with a legendary freestyle performance.
* Supernatural appeared on Assassin (French hip-hop classic) on the single "Undaground Connexion" in September, 1996 as well as the 2000 Assassin LP "touche d'espoir" with rockin'squat on "Undaground Connexion Part. II".
* Referenced in the Big Punisher song "New York Giants" for his ability to free-style "I'm shootin' at you - and that's off the top like Supernatural"

Albums Released

*The Lost Freestyle Files (March 25, 2003)
*S.P.I.T. (November 15, 2005)
*Natural Disasters (1994-1995)

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