Islamic Institute of Toronto

Islamic Institute of Toronto

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name = Islamic Institute of Toronto (IIT)
motto = التعليم لحياة أفضل (Arabic) "Education for Virtuous Living"
established = 1996
type = Public
president = Fareed Amin
chancellor = Ahmad Kutty
city =
state = Ontario
country = Canada
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campus = Urban, convert|8|acre|m2
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Islamic Institute of Toronto (IIT) is a non-profit, federally registered, educational institute. The IIT Institute was established in 1996 to Strengthen access to Islamic universities and colleges, Promote scholarly research, Facilitate community outreach and interaction with other religious organizations and community groups, Consolidate the social fabric of the Community and Sustain Islamic work by encouraging and building endowments.

Islamic Institute of Toronto's mission is to nurture and establish Islam as a living reality in the lives of Muslims and to enhance the Islamic identity in the society at large.

Islamic Institute of Toronto curriculum includes:

*Islamic faith and jurisprudence
*Qur'anic Studies
*Islamic History
*Arabic Language


The Campus will include a conference centre, triple gymnasium, library and reading room, Mosque and a swimming pool. The complex will also be home to an Islamic High School which will cater to Muslim students who are desirous of combining traditional, time-honored education values with modern learning techniques.

Phase One of the building project is in its advanced stages with the building constructed while finishing touches are placed. Phase One will comprise classroom, library, multi-purpose hall and other necessary amenities.


Ijazah in Arabic and Islamic Studies

The Ijazah offered by the IIT Institute reflect a comprehensive understanding of Islam as both faith and practice, hence the slogan "Education for Virtuous Living". The Ijazah program is a 4 year, equivalent to a Bachelor's degree,program which will be initially be offered on a continuing education model on evenings and weekends. A full-time module is scheduled to be implemented at a later date. The courses offered are a combination of the best in mannerism, etiquette, good conduct, spiritual purification, morality, patience and altruism.

The Ijazah program of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the IIT Institute is aimed at enabling students to gain an in-depth understanding of the Islamic faith to lead a virtuous life, experience Islam within themselves, and share the divine mercy with fellow humans.

The program consists of the following major areas:

*Arabic linguistic skills
*Quran and related disciplines
*Hadith and related disciplines
*Islamic theology and jurisprudence (Fiqh)
*Islamic ethics (Akhlaq) and spirituality (Tasawwuf)
*Islamic History (Sirah)
*Islam and contemporary issues

Faculty of Arabic Language

The Faculty will offer certificates in the following streams of the language:

*Classical Arabic Language
*Access to Qur'anic Arabic
*Modern Standard Arabic

Faculty of Qur'anic Studies

The Faculty of Qur'anic Studies will offer certificate programs aimed at understanding the Qur'an, its revelation and transmission as well as its message and mastering its recitation:

*Sciences of the Qur'an (Qirat)
*Thematic study of the Qur'an
*Qur'an Memorization

Faculty of Islamic Studies

The Faculty of Islamic Studies offers certificate programs in Islamic Studies on two levels - Level One Certificate and Level Two Certificate. The curriculum covers:
*Usul al-fiqh
*Ibaadat (Salaah, Zakaah, Fasting and Hajj)
*Islamic Ethics and Morals
*Hadith Studies
*Islamic History and Civilization
*Islamic Spirituality
*Quranic Sciences
*Marriage and Family Life


Ahmad Kutty

Shaikh Ahmad Kutty is the senior lecturer and resident scholar at the IIT Institute. He was educated in the traditional Islamic Sciences in India and at the Islamic University of Madinah. He received his Ijazah as an Alim and Faqih from India and Madina. He pursued post-graduate studies at the University of Toronto (M.A) and McGill University, Montreal (Doctoral Studies). He has served as Imam for Jami Mosque and Islamic Foundation of Toronto. He is currently a Mufti at the internationally renowned website [] and provides fatwas for [] . His fatwas have been acclaimed by both western and Islamic scholars and the prestigious International Islamic University of Malaysia has co-opted several hundred of his fatawas for their fatwa bank.

Abdool Hamid

Shaikh Abdool Hamid graduated from Islamic University of Madinah and specializes in Hadith Studies. He is currently a resident scholar at the IIT Institute where he teaches several courses in Arabic Language, Hadith and Seerah. He serves as an Islamic Counselor with the Islamic Social Services and Resource Association (Toronto) and is a regular khateeb and lecturer at several prominent mosque in and around Toronto. Shaikh Abdool Hamid is also the spiritual guide for the IIT Hajj group which takes more than 75 Hujjaj every year to Makkah.

Hamid Slimi

Imam Hamid Slimi is a scholar who specializes in Islamic Studies and Law as well as Comparative World Religions. He holds two Masters Degree with High Honors in both disciplines and is currently finishing his Ph.D in Islamic Law. He received both his traditional and academic learning in Morocco and attended other renowned institution and universities in other parts of the world. He received his Masters in Comparative World Religions from the U.S.A.

Imam Slimi has been educated in Arabic, French and English. He can also lecture in a few other Latin and Eastern languages. Both his Ijazah and Gradute Shahadat are in Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) and Usul-ul-Fiqh (Fundamentals of Jurisprudence). His extensive research has been in the field of Jurisprudential Rules as well as al-Fiqh al-Muqaaran (Comparative Fiqh) in the four Madhabs. He was the lecturer of the Islamic Centre of London as well as the chaplain of the major hospitals and Correction Centers in the city as well as University of Western Ontario for a period of 4 years. Imam Slimi has authored books in Arabic and English in the principles of Jurisprudence (Usul-al-Fiqh) and Islamic matters. His book published in 2001 has been widely distributed in North America and received many positive responses. He appears occasionally on different TV shows and is very active in the Muslim-Christian Dialogue.

Dr.Iqbal Nadvi

Dr.Iqbal Masood Nadvi obtained his Oriental Degree in Islamic studies from Nadwatul Ulama, Lucknow in 1967. He then completed higher secondary with merit in 1972, and in Arabic in 1969. Later he completed his BA from Barkatullah University,formerly Bhopal University with majors in Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, English, and political sciences before moving to Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, he obtained his license in Shariah from Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia in 1978 and his MA in Islamic law from Umm al-Qura University in Mecca, Saudi Arabia in 1983. He then obtained his Ph.D. from the same university in 1991 after which he moved to the teaching position in Riyadh. He now resides in Greater Toronto Area

Dr.Iqbal Masood Nadvi has taught Islamic Shar'iah and Jurisprudence subject in King Saud University, Saudi Arabia, for six years and dealt with various subjects such as principles of jurisprudence (Usool Al-Fiqh), Islamic Culture, Islamic Political Thought, Islamic movements and Fiqh of Organization

haikh Asad Yakob

Shaikh Asad Yakob is a graduate of the Islamic University of Madinah where he majored in Sharia. After completing his studies he returned to his native country Guyana where he became an instructor of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the Guyana Islamic Institute. He has been involved in teaching Arabic and Islamic Studies at the Islamic Institute of Toronto (IIT) and at other venues around the Greater Toronto Area.

haikh Saeeed Gharsudeen

Shaikh Saeeed Gharsudeen of Egyptian origin is a well known Qari in the GTA. He studied at Al-Azhar University and obtained his Ijazah from Shaikh Abdullah Al-Jawhari. He has taught Quran to hundreds of children and is the principal of Azhar Islamic School in west Toronto. Shaikh Saeeed has mastered the art of Tajweed (Quranic recitation) and leads Taraweeh prayers at various masaajids in Greater Toronto Area.

haikh Sibghatullah Rasul

Shaikh Sibghatullah Rasul has spent his entire life studying, perfecting and teaching the Quran. A native of Iraq, Shaikh Sibghatullah studied under prominent scholars in Iraq and al Madinat al Munawwarah and has mastered the art of Tajweed (Quranic Recitation). Shaikh Sibghatullah has taught at IIT Institute and has led Taraweeh at several masaajid in the Greater Toronto Area.

Board of Directors

Fareed Amin, President

Farhad Khadim, Vice President and Director of Education

Ahmad Kutty, Chancellor and Senior Professor

Zahid Ali, Treasurer

Mohamed (Jay) Mobeen, Secretary & Chair of the Fundraising Committee

Abraheem Hamid, Director

Irfan Khan, Director in charge of Youth

Omman Hussain, Assistant Secretary


Students who are impeded by the cost of the program may be provided Scholarships by anonymous donations. Bursaries are also offered by the IIT Institute, especially for Student in Ijazah Program at the rate of 15% per course. Further Bursaries may be provided for students in need. Muslim Citizens throughout the centuries have established an excellent model of financial support for students of Islamic Knowledge by supporting them financially.

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